I remember turning 23 and at the time thinking that was terrifyingly old, five years later and I’m practically a spinster! Joke! (My mum will tell me off for that one).

Turning 28 is something I feel like I don’t want to say out loud, it feels like a whole heap of seriousness to me. The idea that I’m ever so nearly out of my twenties fills me with complete dread. I’m in panic mode. I should have got my life together by now, right? Wrong! I’m single, I’ve bunked back at home with my parents and frankly, I don’t know where the heck life is taking me. On the other hand, I am also learning and best of all growing, growing with the journey and banking all that wisdom that comes with getting older. This is totally okay, life is a learning curve. ‘Don’t sweat it babe, just enjoy it’ is something I seem to be attempting to reassure myself with lately. Age is simply, just a number.

I have to say, on a more positive note, I have never been more sure or more comfortable in my own skin and with who I am as a person. I’ve said it before but being young comes with naivety, in the sweetest, most endearing way might I add. When you get a little older, the mindset changes and for me that’s happened quite dramatically. I don’t even know how to explain it but I feel so much more confident in the way I dress, how I carry myself, my opinions, what I like and dislike, how I speak even and more importantly what I’m speaking about. So perhaps my future doesn’t look so crystal clear but boy does my mindset!


So, as cliche blog posts go, with it being my Birthday today of all days, I wanted to share 28 short but sweet amazing little life lessons that have come to my attention over the past couple of years.


  1. You’ll still get ID’d no matter how old you are (sometimes if you buy wine and bog roll combined you don’t, they sense the real adulthood with that one)
  2. You still ask Dad to do everything for you. Building a chest of drawers with this perfectly painted Manicure? Heck no.
  3. 18 year old boys will still try and kiss you. Whether you choose to accept this kind of affection is up to you, I’m not here to judge.
  4. Mum is always right. Can anyone tell me at what age that does change?
  5. Trips to the dentist are now boring without the bribe of sweets.
  6. Pulling sick days just aren’t as fun, in fact they’re full of guilt and paranoia.
  7. Tipping is a pain in the arse. Our parents must of hated the ‘birthday bash’ meals.
  8. Hangovers are hell. They just get worse. Two nights in a row are out of the question.
  9. Friends are counted on one hand. Gone are the days of having endless ‘contacts’ stored in your mobile phone. Billy and his brothers – cousins – neighbour can do one!
  10. Don’t overspend on your first car. Either you will crash it, or someone will crash into you.
  11. If you hate your job it’s okay to quit. Things will work out.
  12.  Dance like no-ones watching. You’ll never regret that feeling!
  13. Staying up late is no longer fun. Who knew sleep was so necessary?
  14. Food shopping is also no longer fun, especially when you’re the one paying for it.
  15. Trips to the cinema are few and far between. (Netflix reigns supreme).
  16. Don’t get the store card, it’s not worth it. Wait until you have the money, it will make it all the worth waiting for.
  17. Pretending you are still part of the Spice Girls is more than acceptable, repeat this in another 28 years.
  18. You will send shitty, aggressive, emotional, embarrassing even, and worst of all drunken texts to people and regret them, all together now ‘that’s life’. Delete and move on.
  19. The London underground maze, shall we call it, will make way more sense the older you get. Don’t sweat it.
  20. You will always miss Myspace. RIP Hun!
  21. Brussels sprouts taste just as disgusting at 28.
  22. If you want to travel then do it, do it before you lock in any commitments to hold you back (possibly my one life regret).
  23. People will still judge you no matter how old you are, ignore them.
  24. It’s totally fine (and fun) to have as much sex as you want, just be safe and honest.
  25. On the subject of honesty, it will always win. Don’t lie and don’t be a jerk.
  26. Yes your Christmas presents aren’t as cool the older you get but the gesture means so much more.
  27. You will outgrow people. This is normal. Friendship cycles come and go.
  28. Apologising feels less sucky. Remember when your parents would force you to say sorry through gritted teeth!

There you have it. My little bible of life lessons, warts and all. Right, I’m off for some Birthday cup cakes…


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