Looking ‘the part’, so to speak, within the workplace is something that I have never had to give a second thought to. I’m very fortunate that working within a creative role, my look speaks for itself. My self-labelled marmite fluffy Gucci inspired mules, an array of slogan t-shirts (some with obscene language) and garish orange eye-shadow have all made an appearance without a second glance. Everyone just assumes it goes with the territory. Being the ‘social media girl’ means I can rock pretty much whatever I like. Having enjoyed this luxury for almost two years, this is now all about to change. In a few weeks time I take things up a step on the career ladder and dive head first into a brand management role. As much as I’m incredibly excited for the new venture, two concerns quickly spring to mind; does this mean I need to learn how to use Excel now (dodged that one for many cup of tea trades) and secondly, what the fuck am I going to wear?


I’m talking in the fashion realms of suited and booted, airing on the edge of smart shall we say, this is something that I am pretty inexperienced in. I’ve been so comfortable with the luxury of rocking up to the office in uber baggy mom jeans, sporting a week old unwashed top knot. My style subconscious (and new boss) tells me that something may have to change! I’m willing to compromise. Not one to be comfortable in a buttoned up shirt and suit two piece (I’m no Megan Ellaby, I know my place) I thought I’d dress somewhat in the middle. There’s a unspoken rule that if you’ve got your outfit together, you’ve got your shit together, right? I want my clothes to reflect you won’t be sorry you hired me! New jobs are so daunting aren’t they? Even if I’m somewhat unconfident in what I’m doing, at least I’ll look sassy doing it… or not doing it, if that’s the case.


First on the agenda for #girlboss clothing pieces was a new winter coat. With meetings going from light-hearted coffee talk to semi-serious business talk, I wanted to kick things off with a bang. Would you believe it if I told you this beautiful, bravely bold red coat is from the high street? Would you believe me if I told you it was under £40? Would you believe me if I told you it was from a supermarket? Believe it baby, this incredible coat is a piece I picked up just the other day when roaming the aisles of Tesco. I was in shock too! It fits so lovely, the colour is gorgeous and best of all, it’s so super warm. Thrown over a blouse, t-shirt, even paired with jeans, it instantly adds an element of well-dressed, smart, chic to an outfit. Striking, stand-out, the colour is a little out there but I have to admit when I wear this I feel really good in it. Lady in red, some might say.

When it comes to footwear, it isn’t just heels that add a little high-class to an outfit. Anyway, on the subject, I personally think that’s a very old fashioned take on women’s work wear. Also, the feminist in me wouldn’t agree with this being an obligatory dress-code essential. I digress. Knee high boots are a more subtle way to take a rather casual outfit and change it into something a little more neater, shall we say. Practical and pretty! Sounds totally ideal to me. My love for knee high boots came from Pinterest, as does most of my outfit inspirations. Luckily for me, I was kindly gifted these gorgeous velvet black boots from Just Fab. With a cute circle heel and leg lengthening power (something little ol’ 5ft 1 me could use a some help with) I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with these.


Not wanting to loose my personality through my style, I added a few new pieces to my jewellery collection. The easiest avenue to jazz things up without changing up your entire look, or more importantly compromising on your individual style. I stumbled across Brandy Melville in Covent Garden and boy did I get lost in there. I didn’t want to leave! Lusting over a Led Zepplin t-shirt and star studded gold chokers, this place was a bit of me.

I can’t completely give up my quirks within my style but I’ll certainly be making an effort to wash the locks a little more frequently and possibly tone down the punk pop make-up. Wish me luck guys!

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