Hands up, who’s aboard the Glossier train? No doubt we’ve got a packed out carriage, right? When Glossier announced they were coming to the UK we all freaked. Girls, guys, make-up enthusiasts alike, all patiently awaiting the beauty drop of the year. I don’t know what we were more excited about, slapping the stuff on our faces or our Instagram pages. From product to packaging, the brand is a total bloggers dream. Rightly so, I’ve seen tonnes of pics all over social media. Safe to say it’s been a Glossier haul galore. Naturally, it only felt right to throw in my two pence. I made a small order and I mean small, I proudly restrained myself at a mere two products (pat on the back). Don’t worry, I’ve got a list as long as my arm ready for when payday decides to arrive!

I’ve seen tonnes of pretty pictures up on the ol’ gram and as much I wanted to throw mine up along with the hype too, I’m not overly keen on putting together beauty posts that lack the integral part of the post – the review. Heck, if you’re gonna spend a lump sum of cash on beauty products then at least enjoy them. Slather it on and in the wonderful words of Glossier ‘look damn good’. So, with that all said, I have tested out the two lucky picks for just over a week or so.



The cult product

There was no way in hell I was placing that order without adding to cart the one and only Jelly Cleanser. For me, it was all in the intrigue! I bloody love a good cleanse, it’s actually one thing I remember to do of an evening. Jelly doesn’t exactly sound like the most appealing texture but I’m pleased to report it’s not as you are imagining. More silk like to the touch than anything else, a couple of pumps and it seamlessly glides onto the skin just leaving a cooling, soothing layer. Advised to apply to wet or dry skin, I choose the latter, it’s a product that you can totally tailor to your skins preference. It doesn’t lather, it doesn’t foam, it just works away, glides itself into the skin. Whenever I try a new product I always expect the initial ‘breakout’ but without jinxing anything, I’m pleased to report my skin skipped this step. After a week of using this every night within my usual skincare routine, I’m happy to say I’m officially part of the crew and I’ve confidently joined the hype. At £15 it comfortably sits smack bang in the middle of the price spectrum. I would definitely be purchasing this again!

The lucky dip product

Known for its kind to skin hype, I had to pick something up in hope of the marketing spiel being true to its word. I knew I wanted to try one of the Super serums and without wanting to play a game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe to pick the lucky winner I relied on the website reviews for a little recommendation. Not knowing if this was going to even do anything to my skin, alas I carefully selected Super Pure as my hopeful skincare saviour choice. Claiming to calm break-out prone skin and keep redness at bay, I was keen to give this a serious shot. It’s a tough one to review because I do believe that yes, this did work wonders for my skin. After seven days of application my skin definitely looked clearer, felt smoother and I’d claim was generally in a healthier condition. My reservation? The price tag. Wanting to desperately a be a Glossier ride or die kinda chick, I’ll have to hold my wild side back as I can’t justify the spend on this product. The main ingredient is Niacinamide and after a little research and a trip to Covent Garden I quickly discovered that you can purchase this as a sole ingredient from The Ordinary Skincare Co for a fraction of the price! Ultimately, it is a product that works but I just think you can find more affordable alternatives. I’ll happily finish the bottle, I just won’t be replacing it.

Have you tried anything from the range? I want to get my mitts on some make-up! I’d love to know what you’re hooked on?


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