Here is an opening line you probably didn’t expect; I go on dates ALL the time. Now, before you go and get all judgmental on me, I’m not talking in the romantic sense, those ones don’t happen for me all that often. Admitting to this in a recent conversation made me realise that dating isn’t just for those who fancy the pants off of each other. This all stemmed from an Instagram poll I saw believe it or not. A guy asked his followers if they would give a date a second chance after they vomited post drinks on the first one (side note: what people put on Instagram is so savage these days). Being a lover of a glass of vino or two, I voted yes (ice breaker and all that). Would make a pretty hilarious wedding speech, right? I mean, I’m so out of the dating loop that I would probably throw up on a first date too.


‘Dates’ in my experience, don’t have to always be with a partner. I’m single, I have been for a while. Heck, that doesn’t mean I’m missing out on the wining and dining side of life. Just because I’m not setting my sights on an underwhelming Tinder date (never again FYI) doesn’t mean I’m passing up on that prosecco fueled meet and greet anytime soon. Family, friends and more favourably, girly dates are so much fun. Think all of the date part, none of the pressure, and most importantly, none of the disappointment (if you catch my drift). A mate date, in my books, is far more fulfilling, think ending the night on a high rather than an empty promise of ‘I’ll text you’ only to realise that it’s 2017 and the dating game has changed, which for some unknown reason makes it justified for him not to text you. Ouch

The Attire
The most nerve-racking part of a romantic date, is finding that perfect outfit. It’s all about the ensemble, the idealistic balance between cute and cool, sassy and sexy. A quick sweep of classic red lipstick, the semi short flirty skirt, not forgetting the lace underneath it (which is for my benefit not his) is all part and parcel of a first date. If I could start dating someone and instantly skip to the part when you’re comfortable enough to rock the morning after look 24/7 then I would. I like the feeling of feeling comfortable with people, I like to be myself and ultimately to be liked for that. This is why I bloody lurrrve dates with my gals. We dress up for no one other than ourselves, we admire the style of mom jeans, we appreciate the difference between Mac Ruby Woo and Russian Red and best of all, we value a good ol’ gossip.


The wine
My life is 50% wondering if it’s too late to drink coffee and the other 50% wondering if it’s too early to drink wine. A natter on the sofa is best accompanied by a little splash (okay a bottle). I’m not even ashamed to admit that wine gives me life, and best of all, gives me the giggles. I’ve recently swayed my tipple taste buds to a drop of red wine. Pinot Noir is my go to choice. It’s full bodied, heavy and rich, in my eyes the perfect accompaniment for a 9pm bitch (you see what I did there).


The company
I’ve realised how lately I’ve become more of a ‘girls girl’ and I genuinely think that the Instagram community has played a big part in this. Mingling with other female bloggers, I have really made a connection with a lots of them and as a bonus, they’re always around to lean on when boy drama kicks off…


How lovely of you to drop by!

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