Warning *expect moodiness*


Lads, I suggest you steer clear of this post. A little warning, it’s cranky AF. All thanks to a girls best frenemy, Mother Nature, I woke up this weekend just passed feeling like utter shit. I was tired, all-round moody, spotty, feeling like I wanted to cry at every given moment and best of all, much to my personal trainers despair, I was craving chocolate cake for breakfast.

Dressing for your mood is one of the most important things to get right, it’s a fast forward to starting your day on the right side of the bed. Getting it wrong is not an option. Feeling like a sack of potatoes is one thing, looking like it, well that just won’t do. A risky move in fact, potentially sending the brewing hormonal tornado spiraling off the scale. When trying to define/explain what kind of style blogger I am, realistically my answer should always be ‘whatever I feel like on the day’. This is a true representation of every girl on this planet and having been on this planet almost twenty eight years, I’d like to think I make that claim with experience on my side. You could have the sassiest of heels just waiting to embrace that infamous VB kick flick but if you ain’t feeling it, honey they just ain’t going on. Style is a funny thing really and for me, it always reflects how I’m feeling on any given day. A reflection of my thoughts and feelings.


Along with the chocolate cake I was craving, I wanted comfort. I seek comfort in a cosy knit, converse and a pair of skinnies (not to be deceived, they’re super stretchy at the waist, perfect for an emergency chocolate indulgence). I’ve mentioned this before I’m sure but just to make it crystal clear, I’m a lover of casual styling. Straight forward, no fuss, no BS, simple styling. Just throw it on and walk out of the door. Oh what a dream! This is especially ideal for weekends because let’s face it, cold October weekends are best spent curled inside. The more time snoozing, the better the mood.


Knitwear is the epitome of Autumn. You simply can’t have a wardrobe too full of them. Soft to the touch, warm, oversized and best of all, covers a multitude of sins (think post cake) there’s nothing more I adore than a big ol’ baggy sweater, don’t you? I recently purchased this raw hem detailed white bundle of wool from Sheinside; my new favourite discovery FYR. Without giving off too many ‘I don’t give a fuck today’ vibes, I also paired it with a classic red lip (always got time for that) and a rather gorgeous green circle bag, also purchased from my new fave online clothing store.

Okay, okay so I have blathered on about jumpers for this entire post knowing that you just want the answer to one all important question. Did I get the cake? Did I? Never stand in between a woman and her cravings for chocolate. When it came to that delicious, naughty cake pick me up,  I went all out, I got two! Doctors orders, right? Just don’t tell my personal trainer, it can be our little secret!


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