It’s creeping up to midnight and I can’t sleep. I’ve been writing at this ungodly hour quite a lot recently. A string of thoughts tapping away in my brain that I don’t want to loose. Sometimes, when I read it back the next day I give myself a giggle ’cause usually it’s all a load of gibberish and then other times it makes it onto here to share with you guys. I’m aware that I’ve been sharing a lot more with you all lately and when I say more, I don’t mean quantity, I mean more of me, the real, unedited me. I’m always conscious that I’m airing on the edge of too personal in some of these posts but to be honest with you, I’m finding that this kind of content is coming more and more natural to me. Should I be cautious of what I share? Sometimes. Should I apologise for what I do decide to share? Absolutely not. It got me thinking in general, the things we apologise for out of habit and why we should stop doing this.

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Speaking your mind

Oh the times this one has got me into a spot of bother. Outspoken? Me! Never. An old boss used to say to me ‘Emma, there’s no surprises with you, you say it how it is’. Not overly sure if that was ever a compliment. Okay, so with this one, I’m not saying go out in full force and start preaching to those that frankly don’t wanna hear it. No one likes a gob shite. I’m talking about sticking with your guns and standing up for what you believe in. There’s a big difference between offending somebody and being genuine. Speak your mind because it’s important to you and talk about topics that you are passionate about. It’s okay to have different views, in fact, it’s healthy. Opinions are always valid, remember that they always count. I’d like to think I know where to draw the line but I’m comfortable with an open and honest conversation. No shrinking violet here!

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Your mistakes 

Life, my dears, is one big ol’ learning curve. A bubbling, massive pan of throw it all in, give it a stir and see what happens. From the small ones to the whooping big ones, it’s okay to make a mistake if you learn from it. That’s my rule! Being human sometimes sucks, sometimes we mess up and sometimes we seriously mess up. Life, well life can be confusing and complicated all at the same time. As cliche as it sounds, sometimes we do things because they lead to something so much better.

‘Mistakes are the proof

that you’re trying’

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Your flaws

Oh honey, honey, honey, you can’t be perfect. I wanna drill this one home so hard. We’re living in a modern world where self-confidence is taking a nose-dive. Why? We can all easily list three things we hate about ourselves but struggle to list the ones we love. Self-love is so important. Individuality is a beautiful thing! In my younger years I was pretty reckless with my look, often changing my hair colour, never fully comfortable with how I wanted to dress, coming home with a different piercing each weekend. Safe to say I was experimenting. Finding what is right for you takes time. Dressing for your body takes time. Feeling comfortable in your own skin not only takes time, practice and a whole heap of self believe. Rocking ‘confidence’ takes guts and I urge everyone reading this post to take a mighty big, deep breath in and from this moment on, start loving yourself.

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Being in love 

We’ve all been there, right? The lust, the we think it’s love, the it’s definitely love, the I shouldn’t love this person. Sometimes, whatever you’re feeling, can make you do things you thought you’d never do. Never ever apologise for loving somebody unconditionally. Looming into my late twenties, I’ve learnt that you will lust and love more than one, sometimes many, this is something I wish I had the chance to tell my younger self. They’ll never be just the ‘one’. The things I used to cry and get worked up over, my god, now I look back and simply laugh. Love, it’s a funny old thing isn’t it?


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