The transition into Autumn is so instant, isn’t it? Staying motivated is so tough when you’re hit with cold, dark dreary days ahead. The thought of conversation before 9am is a serious no-go and I’m already tempted to bin off my evening trips to the gym (soz PT). Everything just feels like much more of an effort. It’s natural for your mood to mirror the weather and it can be hard to snap out of that. With the risk of Autumn being a bit of a fun sucker, I’m going to make it my mission to get some pleasure out of the little things.


Changing your way of thinking is never an easy thing to do but being in a negative state of mind will never get you out of that Autumnal funk. Change your thoughts before they change you. My grandad always used to say to me there’s no such word as can’t and it’s stuck with me always. Motivational quotes can be a little cliché but boy do they work. They get into your head, like you’re repeating the words out loud to resonate with something personal to you, or your day. The simplicity of go get em’ can really give you the push you need to get your day started on the right track.



There’s nothing I look forward to more than that first sip of coffee in the morning. If anything is going to give me comfort, it’s that. After a boring commute into London alone in my car, the idea of a coffee stop off is like a real treat for me. Well done, another day another drive. When it comes to coffee I’m your basic bitch through and through. Gimme dat pumpkin spice latte all day long. Are you even a blogger if you’ve yet to post about the PSL? I’m so basic I’ve even rocked a t-shirt nodding to the blogger fave, check it out here. A little stop off to Starbucks in the morning makes my heart sing a little bit (and my Instagram, obvz). If it’s something as small as your favourite hot beverage in the morning to give you kick in the right direction then sip away, in fact go all out, order two!


A new lipstick shade, a sweet-smelling shower gel, a healthy homemade batch of granola, reach for anything to get you up and out of bed. Start your day with something that will make you smile, it only needs to be something small. Feeling good gives you the confidence to push through those day to day menial tasks. I was recently gifted something seriously special from Adexe Watches. I look down at it when I’m on my one-wing-woman commute to work and it reminds me that I’m working really hard on my blog, it’s content and it’s general aesthetic. I picked the Meek Grande Gold and it actually came delivered to me with a choice of two straps which was a lovely surprise! A gorgeous gold one, perfect for rocking as a night time out out piece alongside a classic genuine leather strap to wear daily. The quality of this piece is top notch and they definitely capture some serious style in their modern designs. If you want to see more, have a little peek at their Instagram here.



When it comes to getting a lil’ upbeat, music is my muse. As I said, I unfortunately have to endure a lonely drive to work and during Autumn this is done in all kinds of weather. Shaking off the I can’t be bothered attitude is all made easier with a kick-ass playlist, ready to get me into car karaoke mode. My soundtrack of the summer was awarded to Paramore which I mentioned here, when it comes to Autumn I prefer something a little more mellow. Being a big fan of anything girl band, I’ve had the newly released album from Haim on repeat this month!



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