Now that the weather has quite frankly gone to shit, right on queue might I add, it’s time to hit submit on all things cosy and chunky knit. With the rain and cold weather all coming into play, the pressure to whip up some autumn/winter content is on. ‘I really like this jumper because it’s nice’ is not overly my (excuse the pun) style. I don’t enjoy writing a purely focused style post, just for the sake of writing it. With that being said, I haven’t shared much on this topic with you in a while so I wanted to pull something together, whilst throwing a witty spin on it… did you expect any less?

The pinafore dress, what a tricky little number to get right. The risk of looking a little ‘oops baby’ Britney Spears circa 1998 is fairly high. Drop the title pinafore and you’ve essentially got a layered dress. Perfect for when you want to smarten up a look without any effort i.e snoozed the alarm to the point of no return. It’s a great throw-over piece and best of all, keeps you oh so warm (unless you go bare legged like me – brave or what). 


I’ve had this khaki piece for a good few years now, it’s one of those items that goes into the ‘throw out’ pile all the time but then somehow claws it’s way back into my wardrobe. I just can’t part with it and I’m so pleased that I come to senses each time as it’s incredibly flattering on me. The colour works with my skin tone, the fit compliments my petite frame and I always bag a load of comments when I throw this on. It’s a great one to style from office day to impulsive cocktail night, if that’s the kinda’ life you lead that is – *inserts wink emoji*


It isn’t the easiest of garments to get right so I’ve listed some style guide do’s and don’ts below, you’re welcome in advance!


  • Pick the right colour; don’t got garish if you feel uncomfortable, keep it simple and on the autumnal colour wheel
  • Pair with boots; the easiest way to banish the school uniform effect
  • Layer over shirts, jumpers, t-shirts; made for layering, shove it over everything (perhaps not your pj’s)
  • Accessorise; add an extra edge with hoops, a red lip or like me, a fun feminine plait, give it a little somethin’ somethin’



  • Pair with converse; soooo tempting but unless you’re style status is on point, avoid this, it’s a piece not to be too dressed down
  • No pony tails; you will instantly look like you’re running for the school bus
  • Forget to layer; it’s Monday morning, you’re half asleep, you’re in a rush but for goodness sake do not forget to shove that shirt on underneath. You’ll never live it down!

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