I never thought I’d be saying this, especially as a full-time social media executive slash side kick blogger but I’ve been feeling so numb to social media lately. Do you ever just scroll for the sake of scrolling? After a few quick and snappy reassuring ‘babe, you can do this’ exchanges over Whatsapp with my blogging bestie, I decided to cut the cord. Fuck it, I’m embarking on a digital detox.


A week in and I’ve come off Facebook, Twitter and the toughest one of the lot; Instagram. Naturally, there are so many reasons why I love social media but I have to say more recently so, there are many more as to why I don’t. I spoke about it briefly in a post here and was quite honest about how we filter our lives purely for social media, which can have a really damaging effect not only on ourselves but other people. Be honest; how many times have you compared yourself to another person through the likes of say, Instagram? Sure, there’s a healthy level of comparison but there is also the risk of it triggering those not so nice emotions such as jealousy and insecurity. Not forgetting the odd scrolling moments where you see ‘shady’ things that you really just don’t want see and before you know it you’ve got yourself all worked up and made a mountain out of a molehill (we’ve all been there, right?) and I think when this happens and social media starts getting into your head, it gives itself a bad name.

Whilst being MIA on social media I am however continuing to update my blog, as you can see. This is for the main fact that I really bloody enjoy it. I’m constantly writing and it’s my little corner of the internet where I go all Bridget Jones in an attempt to put the world to rights. I’m interested to see how things change for me through being absent on social media. I read an article that reported 50% of people prefer to communicate digitally than in person which I have to say, blew my mind a little. Not including situations like connecting with family abroad or similar, they’re a given but are we limiting our face-to-face catch ups through the convenience of social media? Probably. The idea of knowing more about someone through their social pages leaves me feeling a little unsettled.

I worry about how many hours, afternoons, evenings I’ve wasted just trailing through endless garbage on the ol’ grid. So, what do I plan doing away from reaching for my phone every ten minutes? Reconnecting with the real world, I guess. No, I don’t expect some overnight epiphany to come knocking at my door but I do hope to make the little things count again.

As I said, swings and roundabouts, I’m not being naïve or unrealistic about how the modern world is moving forward but a little time out isn’t going to do any harm now, is it?

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