Two glasses of wine down and I’m reaching for the laptop. This could end in disaster, an entire blog post filled with words, all in no particular order that make no particular sense. I’ll try my hardest to portray these thoughts as eloquently (okay fine, expect some mild swearing) and as clearly as possible (expect typo’s also).




I’ve been storing up some thoughts lately on the less talked about topic of filtering the fuck out of your life purely for the satisfaction that it comes across as cool on social media. Okay, we’ve gone straight in there haven’t we? Let’s just roll with this.

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Guilty as charged the lot of us! Let’s face it, putting your ‘best’ face forward, out on the wonderful world of Instagram for all to see is something we ALL do. Our best angles, our best outfits, our best ‘look at me I love my life’ moments. Suck in the tummy just a little bit more, turn away slightly so they won’t see that pesky spot, don’t smile – look sexy! We’re all familiar with these personal pre-snap pep talks, I’m sure.

Why are we so afraid to share the moments that aren’t so pretty? Why are we so programmed to promote the most perfect human we can possibly be. Humans have flaws; fact! God, I have so, so many of them but I choose to keep them locked away in fear that I simply won’t ‘fit into the picture’.

Someone once told me that before they met me they had expected me to be totally different based on what they had seen from social media and this plays on my mind all the time. They told me that in person, thankfully, I’m warmer, funnier and a lot more approachable. It’s strange isn’t it, how you can create a whole new persona through the likes of a bloomin’ smart phone.

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I don’t quite know where this blog post is leading too, I don’t even know if it’s making any sense (blame the Sauvignon Blanc) but the truth is, I love the unfiltered warts and all moments in life. The not so sunshine and rainbow moments like unashamedly crying your heart over a boy who treated you like shit or the not so Instagrammable I can’t be arsed so it’s a beans on toast kinda night or just simply, those genuine times that you let your hair down, dance like no-ones watching when having the best time with your friends. All of the above, well it’s real, it builds character and memories to savour. As humans we connect with each other through being genuine, relatable and everything else in between. Why should we hide that? For the risk of missing out on a few extra likes or follows on Instagram.

I guess it comes down to being comfortable with what you want to share and that will vary for everyone. To me, social media has moved so far forward and Instagram especially is no longer a platform for posting the mundane day-to-day moments. This is all something I need to get on board with too and if anything this blog post, a gentle reminder to myself that it’s okay NOT to strive to be ‘perfect’ 100% off the time. I’ve been following the My Mind & Me campaign on BBC Radio 1 and it’s a real eye opener to whats happening behind the scenes of those flawless filters. If any of the above has got you thinking then this short video is worth a little watch!


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