The swipes, the super likes, the awkward one liners, the outright pervs, the guys with secret girlfriends, frankly the list goes on. Tinder, for me, is THE most pointless app on the planet. As a female using Tinder, I have to say, you guys have got some balls (not the kind we wanna see in our DM’s for the record). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled my eyes and unmatched just within the first few exchanges of words, mainly for them being dull, rude or honestly, just a bit weird. It’s a cyber Russian roulette of dunno what card you’re gonna get. It’s just one boring, repetitive cycle that lacks the all important part of a kiss chase – the thrill!

It’s all quite a deceiving and I guess a fairly cut throat process. Is the conversation worth that all important move to WhatsApp? The idea of sussing someone out over a few neither here or there messages just isn’t the same as forming an instant face to face connection. How can you possibly tell if you have chemistry? And no, not the you look fit in your pic kind of chemistry, I’m talking real, undeniable sexual chemistry.

Without the risk of sounding completely negative about online dating, I have had a FEW positive results from a lil’ swiping session. I also want to add, before being criticised, yes I do message first. I’m not comfortable with this whole waiting for the guy theory. If I want something, I’ll damn well go and get it. So, I’ve had two what I would call, ‘proper’ dates from Tinder. I’m talking about the old-fashioned ‘drinks are on me’ kind of dates. Well, one of them being with someone I had dated previously, so possibly that doesn’t count but there was enough time apart for me to feel like it was new again. The other, a nerve-racking, first time, oh-my-god you’re a stranger meet and greet in a classic pub situation. Neither worked out for their own reasons, or even lead to a second date but needless to say, it was refreshing to attend a real life, at the time potentially successful see it through date.





Of course, a gentle reminder here that not everyone is on Tinder for the same reasons. A let’s skip into the sunset relationship isn’t the ideal outcome for everybody. A little bit of attention? Sure, it never hurt anyone. A hook up? Whatever floats your boat, we’ve all got needs. I have a friend who simply swipes right each time, just to give himself an ego boost, something he loves to boast about to anyone that wants to hear it. I have another friend who took a girl on a genuine fancy pants date, upon agreeing to go halves, only for her card to be conveniently declined at the end of the evening. Safe to say he didn’t end up seeing her again! Funny that. Whatever you’re after, however you play it, there’s never a guaranteed win win situation because it’s all based on risk. With all of that said, I’m just not sure that Tinder is my preferred or most comfortable way to start up a connection (whatever that may be at the time) with a guy.

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