‘Choose to shine’

I step out of my style comfort zone about twice a year. When it comes to day-today dressing I’m your average t-shirt, jeans, eyeliner flick and red lip kinda gal. Nothing more, nothing less. Throw in a pair of trainers and I’m ready start my day. It’s easy and it works!

Stepping out of the familiar stemmed from a little attention I received from a rather vibrant orange number which you can have a peek at on the ol’ gram here. I recently had an occasion to get all dolled up so I decided to take it. I was off to the dance the night away to childhood favourite Kate Nash and I decided to dive into a sea of more than appropriate sickly pink. Girly enough? I think so!

Not just content with a wrap around pale pink ballerina dress I also paired this frock with lashings of ultra bright orange eyeshadow. I know what you’re thinking… sounds so dreadful doesn’t it? Well, it kinda worked I think (you can be the judge of that).

I wanted something super stand-out for a night of disco dancing. In a room full of girls (and some boys) united as one, singing their hearts out, jumping around and reminiscing about all things teenage love and of course heartbreak, I wanted to dress for the occasion and that I did.

I wouldn’t normally splurge on an eyeshadow palette filled with all colours from the bloomin’ rainbow but I was really drawn to the orange tones in the NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. If you’re looking to switch things up on the ol’ beauty front then this is the baby for you. Full of bright, in ya face kinda shades, this palette is NOT for the faint hearted. If you like your toned-down pastels then look away now! But, if you’re tempted to sway to the wild side and fancy giving a bright eyed look a whirl then i wholeheartedly salute you!



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