Going for the chop was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. Initially, I had that awful fear that shorter hair wasn’t seen as ‘girly’ or ‘pretty’ but I was so wrong. Skipping out of the salon with a head full of the cutest, bounciest curls I realised that a shorter hair style added some serious volume that I was so desperately lacking! Not only did a new haircut welcome a few compliments from friends and family, it gave me a much needed confidence boost, I felt instantly ‘cooler’, my outfits had a new lease of life and ultimately all that slapped a smile right across my face! If you’re thinking of taking the plunge then I’ve put together a few helpful styling suggestions and need to know tips before you make that nerve-racking call to your trusty hairdresser!

‘Life is short,

make each hair flip fabulous’

01. The last sentence nicely leads into my first tip. Before you even think about letting anybody take a pair of scissors to your luscious locks, please please please make sure you trust them. This advice should not be taken lightly! Make sure that they understand exactly what YOU want, not imposing on what they want to do. Your hair reflects you, your personality, so it’s important that you run through each and every details; length, layers, fringe or no fringe? Cover all basis! Ask to see their previous work if you need to. Instagram of course is a great platform to have a little snoop and if you want to see where I go to for all my haircare needs then click right here.

02. Styling is now key! I’ve found that since opting for shorter hair it does crave a little more attention. The days of Monday morning top knots are gone. So be prepared to dedicate a little for time to your tresses. Still, this can all be made easy with the right styling products. For me, I’ve become a big fan of a root booster. In other words, a spray that you spritz directly into the top layer of your hair to add that all important va va voom! Short hair does have a tendency to weigh itself down, so be sure to invest in volume worthy products.

03. Following on from the above, heat protection is also key. If like me, you’ll be regularly applying heat to your new do then heat protection is of course a must. There’s nothing cuter than a blow dried bob but make sure you keep it healthy and strong and give it the love it deserves. Moroccan Oil is great for exactly that, I use this stuff practically every day. It’s the one hair care product I genuinely swear by. It’s a fantastic finishing product, it leaves locks feeling silky smooth as well as battling any annoying frizz.

So, to anyone contemplating the chop I hope you found that useful. If you’re rocking a shorter do also, then I’ve love to know what convinced you to take the jump!

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