I’ve been putting off dedicating a blog post to Instagram for a while now. Mainly in fear of being judged and naturally labelled as ‘self-obsessed’ or anything along those lines and then I simply realised something. A little light bulb moment swayed my decision and that being I DONT GIVE TWO F’s. Plus, with it being #SocialMediaDay it would be rude not to!

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I bloody love Instagram, even before it became ‘instagram’. There I’d be uploading my crappy little photo’s of my fish and chips or a Sunday morning cup of tea back in the day, days before the title ‘blogger/influencer/instagrammer’ even came along. Then I got serious. Well, as serious as Instagram can get. Replace serious with strategy… god I hate that word! I started figuring out exactly what I wanted my Instagram to be, what I wanted it to portray, managing a certain style but being honest with my personality too. It’s a tricky little app and it took me some time to figure it all out. I’ve had the ’18 year old me’ feed, filled with snaps of boozy nights out, I’ve had the lifeless dull white feed, claiming to be a beauty blogger (no digs, just wasn’t very ‘me’) and now, well now I’m just me, comfortable with who I am. Splashes of my day to day life, my style, my work, my blog, my memories, all wrapped in a beautiful blue bow (filter, of course).

‘Practise what you post!’

At work we have these little cards on the wall in the kitchen, we call them tea profiles, you list a few facts about yourself and your hobbies. My hobby is genuinely listed as Instagram, much to everyone’s amusement. Some play a sport, some read or write, it’s all down to the individual. I love that what I enjoy is also enjoyed by so many other people too. Instagram is the one social channel that to me, feels positive, it feels like a real (okay, cyber) community. I have made some wonderful connections through it, I feel like I’ve got my own little crew going on!

The girls that I engage with on a regular basis are just lovely! We share photos, we chat, we gossip, we support each other, we basically wing woman each other on the the ol’ gram front. Some people won’t get it and that’s cool but waking up to cute messages from your girl gang is much MUCH better than waking up without a message, especially if you’re waiting for one from THAT guy. I’ve made a connection with these girls and it feels good, it feels positive and heck, what’s the harm in that?

What is your favourite social channel?

How lovely of you to drop by!

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