They say honesty is the best policy, with that in mind I’m going to share a beauty shamed secret with you. I’ve NEVER cared for my nails. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I make that declaration. Who wants to come forward and fess up too? It’s likely that I spent my early 20’s with a constantly chipped manicure and do you know what, I always blamed the product. ‘This polish is crap’ I’d protest! Trying brand after brand and never satisfied with the result. Little did I know the problem was with me and my lack of knowledge. Up until working within the beauty industry there’s so much I didn’t know about nail care. It’s been a real eye opener for me! Nails are just as visually important as that frock especially if like me you talk with your hands, I’m very theatrical in that way, hands flailing about in the air. Not to mention dressing up my hands, stacking as many rings as I can on my fingers, thinking about it I’m always drawing attention to them. Here’s the real shocker, prior to getting nail care savvy, I NEVER wore a base coat. Okay, okay, it’s all coming out now. I should stop typing…

‘Nails are the one thing

you can get into shape

without the need for exercise’

Being introduced to Leighton Denny Expert Nails, I realised there was a whole other world dedicated to nail care. Base coats, top coats, cuticle oils, hand creams, hand scrubs there was so much on offer, so much I had never thought of before. It may all sound a bit overwhelming but once you get a routine sorted, looking after your nails is the EASIET of things to do. I now give myself a manicure every Friday and it feel a little like a treat, a must needed beauty pamper (just like you would your Thursday night tanning routine). From start to finish we’re talking ten minutes to do, so quick and easy. To me, that’s the best part about the brand, you don’t have to do anything different or beyond what you want to do to reap the rewards of that salon style manicure in the comfort of your own space whether that be at home or at the office desk.

I can say now say with my hand on my heart I will always start with a base coat. Just think of it like a skincare primer but for your nails. Easy! The importance of this step is greater than you think, not only will it help to a longer lasting manicure, if you’re using a darker colour it will act as a protective layer from any seeping or staining on the nail bed. Next up is colour, so the choice is yours, I’m absolutely LOVING baby blue Mosaic Chic from LDEN’s SS17 Collection. I love a super shiny manicure so I always use a topcoat, plus this step will protect your manicure of any annoying chips. I finish off with a quick spritz of a fast drying top coat and a nourishing cuticle oil just for an added treatment boost. Five easy steps in no time at all with the guarantee of long lasting results! What could be better?

Have you got any bad beauty secrets? C’mon, we’re all friends here…

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