I had the pleasure of attending an event at the weekend at London’s flagship River Island store where nail guru’s Leighton Denny Expert Nails and Meebox came together as one at a collaborative pop up stand smack-bang in the centre of the store. I was there with work snapping up some shots for the LDEN social channels which was a whole heap of fun but luckily for me, just to top the weekend off I managed to spare a few hours to do some serious in-store shopping!

Typically, I’m quite loyal to where I shop for my clothes so I was keen to hunt out a few pieces in River Island and experiment with an unfamiliar (to me) high-street brand. Fortunately, I managed to quickly buddy up with the RI team (who were so so lovely might I add, incredibly friendly and helpful) and they lead me straight to the RI Style Studio!

The River Island Style Studio had my eyes darting around the room, so much so I thought they were going to pop out at full speed, I was like a greedy magpie, it was so impactful from first sight. Not holding the title Style Studio for nothing, I must say, it oozed the god damn stuff! The aesthetics were totally on point. The colour scheme had me at hello, mixes of vibrant ‘colour of the moment’ yellow mixed with strong leafy green, intentional or not it was giving a strong nod to all things Instagram trendy. It’s the kind of place you dream about getting ready in with the girl gang pre-night out. There’s gorgeous deep green grand sofa’s big enough to drape over numerous outfit choices, mirrors all the way to the ceiling that scream ‘selfie’ and of course that bar. Oh-my-god, I couldn’t take my eyes off that bar and everything on it, I’m still dreaming about it now. It was the entire focus of my Instagram Stories that day. A vision of sheer interior heaven! The shelves were packed with perfect little trinkets, elegant glassware, beautiful books, palm leaved plants and THAT bottle of pink gin.

I had the chance for a quick catch up with Giles the Style Studio creator and naturally, number one fan of the Style Studio! Leaning against the talking point, the bar of course, Giles talked me through his vision. Not satisfied with idea of creating a somewhat ‘typical’ changing room space, Giles wanted to achieve something much bigger and better, an overall shopping experience. Not comfortable with his customers whipping off their threads in a tiny box room, he opened the room to a world of luxury. Without losing the bones of the store, he has successfully combined a love for clothes shopping with a lifestyle twist, incorporating a comfortable and modern stop off to chat all things beauty, interiors, celebrity gossip, social media or even.. well, anything. Be styled by the experts in between kicking back and relaxing with a glass of pretty pink gin. What could be better? Giles and the River Island team really do deserve a pat on the back for taking a leap of faith and creating something unique and it’s absolutely working judging by their social channels, it’s attracting some seriously high profile visitors, such as Indie comeback band The Kooks!

If you fancy a little browse, take advantage on 20% off your online order here!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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