Beauty posts have taken a back seat on my blog lately, for the main reason that when it comes to my skincare routine, not a lot changes. When I get cosmetics sent to me to try out, especially skincare, I’m always a little hesitant to slap the stuff across my chops. I have very sensitive skin, prone to redness and break-outs and with this being the case I seek skincare soothers from trustworthy and normally expensive brands like Elemis, Oskia and Clarins. If I am trying out new products on my skin, it takes a little while to get used to them. This is not to say that I’m not open to trying a new routine when I do get products sent to me to try out, even more so might I add when they’re gorgeous enough to display on the ol’ dressing table.

I wanted to get these bottles up on Instagram as soon as they arrived because as you can see, they’re absolutely gorgeous! But no, I was patient and held back as I wanted to give these products a fair run. I’ve been using the Deliciously Ella duo now for two weeks. This pairing is combined of a gentle facial wash and a daily moisteriser, infused with a fresh lime and cucumber scent. A range bought to market by the skincare and wellbeing experts at Neal’s Yard Remedies. A brand I’ve come to love over the years for it’s use of natural and organic ingredients. As we get older, in my opinion, it’s really important to know exactly what we’re putting on our skin.

‘Skin first

makeup second

smile always’

Deliciously Ella is passionate about what you put into your body nutrition wise and I read that she was really keen to match this when creating her skincare line, she wanted to make something totally ‘skin-loving’. When I first used these products my skin had a mini freak-out but as I mentioned above, having sensitive skin means this is quite normal for me. It really does take time for my skin to get used to something new so although I did initially breakout in the first week, that soon passed pretty quickly and by week two my skin was absolutely glowing! It was clean, fresh, radiant and happy. From what I read, the lime oil played a key factor in this as it’s there to tone the skin and leave it feeling extra fresh. The best way I can describe the results is that my skin, if you like, was comfortable in it’s own skin! After use it was so soft, so smooth and it was wearing make up really well but not much might I add – it didn’t need it! Not only did my skin reep the benefits from this set, naturally, my confidence did too.

I thought I’d pop a recent photo into this post, just so you can see how much my skin has benefited from these products. I’m here to write honest and open blog posts and I wouldn’t recommend a product if I didn’t truly believe in it and completely love it. Usually, I like to pile on the make-up and as you can see here, I haven’t even reached for my favourite eyeliner. In fact there’s still an apparent area of spots on the bottom right hand side of my face which you can see but that hasn’t bothered me, I’ve been brave enough to keep things natural and it’s all thanks to the Deliciously Ella skincare range and the lovely Jo at The Therapy Room who kindly sent me this set. If you want to try these products for yourself then I recommend purchasing from Jo directly, she is an independent consultant and she sent me a lovely package filled with information regarding the brand as well as all the skincare knowledge I needed!

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