Sometimes, the most visually appealing outfits are the understated, super casual ones. Of course, when it comes to throwing an outfit together, it all depends on what the occasion is so just a reminder that this blog post is dedicated to an ‘everyday’ kinda look. It goes without saying that weekends are precious, I’m seeking more time out and about and less time in front of the mirror. If my plans consist of a simple stroll around town featuring a caffeine fix then I’ve been favouring a more comfortable approach to what I wear. Let’s just say I’ve been going back to basics!

It’s just getting dressed, something you do everyday, how hard can it be? Funny you should ask because for me, really bloody difficult! I’m a typical over thinker. I’m that girl who tries on numerous outfits only to revert back to the initial one, I always go back to simplicity. I’m starting to learn that the oh so simple combination of a tee, jeans and my favourite converse is a winning one. I’ve been enjoying this look so much that I picked up a few extra t-shirts at the weekend, just to bulk up the ol’ wardrobe.

Never underestimate the power of stripes… Seriously, who doesn’t love a good stripe? Totally timeless yet completely cute! As I said above, I’m really into a more understated look these days and this pretty little peplum top is exactly that. It’s the perfect go-to piece when I don’t know what the flip to wear. Paired with my favourite skinny jeans and classic converse, this is fast becoming one of my most favoured looks.

I picked up this top through Asos from a brand called Brave Soul, might I add it was under ten pounds! Bloomin’ bargain if you ask me. There’s a few sizes left so I’ll link it here.

What’s your favourite fashion look right now?

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