With my Instagram feed having been recently bombarded with an abundance of red roses, Michael Korrs watches and ‘boy did good‘ hashtags, it felt only natural to front the single ladies corner.

Firstly I just want to get a few assumptions out of the way. To clarify, I don’t hate men and I don’t have commitment issues but my choice to be single is that exactly, a choice (for now anyway). Let’s just say that my general taste in men has been somewhat.. questionable.

Having been single for a while comes with it’s positives I must say; the lack of worry at those extra few pounds piled on, comfortably rocking Bridget Jones inspired underwear and more importantly, guaranteed orgasms.. JOKE (not). There’s a lot to be learnt about yourself when you’re going about life as a singleton. Put me in a relationship now vs my 20 year old self and no doubt things would run oh so differently. Being single has rewarded me with a whole heap of independence, life experience, maturity and the best part of all.. self-love. Which is why I wanted to create this post and with Valentine’s having recently passed I thought it’s an appropriate time to point out that it’s totally okay to date yo’ self! Don’t worry, I’m not talking imaginary relationships here so hold fire, don’t click off just yet. Hear me out on this one..

Compliment yourself

Why wait for a man to lift your spirits when you do just that? Learning to love yourself and being comfortable in your own skin is really important when attempting to survive a relationship, present or future. Trust me, I know it! So take a deep breath, have a good look in the mirror and focus on everything you love about yourself. I appreciate this sounds like a scary task but once you get started you won’t stop, just focus on the little things; the colour you picked to paint your nails, the cluster of freckles across your nose, a recent hair cut, the pretty blouse you’re wearing. Doing this will make a world of difference to your confidence.

Treat yourself

I buy myself fresh flowers ALL the time and not only does it make my living room look ultra pretty, when I pass them each morning to leave for work they put a smile on my face. Treating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive and it certainly doesn’t have to come from a partner. Take time for yourself, treating yourself means focusing on your health and well-being too, so dedicate an hour to a hot soak in the tub with a good book – you deserve it!

Go it alone 

All those places that you wouldn’t dream of attending alone, you should. Going it alone is totally empowering! Start small, somewhere like a coffee shop, you’ll no doubt be amoungst other singletons seeking a little quiet time and a much needed caffeine fix. I personally love to grab my camera, take a walk and snap up my favourite scenic spots, plus going for a walk and breathing in some fresh air is great for the mind. It’s just important to know that it’s totally OKAY to spend time by yourself. Some of my friends go to music gigs alone and I totally respect them for that, don’t be afraid to pursue your interests.

Luckily for me, I’ve had two very lovely men to spend my Valentine’s with, they go by the names of Ben and Jerry 😉

How lovely of you to drop by!

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