Living and breathing social media can sometimes be a little.. intense. There, I said it! As a full-time marketing executive and part-time blogger, my working day revolves around all things social media. I’m glued to a smart phone or laptop for the majority of my day, evenings, even weekends and in a fast-paced technology fuelled world, it’s only going to increase.

Before I go off on a tangent let me just start these train of thoughts by saying that I LOVE my job. I also LOVE creating content for my blog, growing my social media accounts and engaging with other wonderful bloggers. In fact, I recently went to a bloggers workshop hosted by The Bloggers Hub and it totally refreshed my passion to continue blogging, stick at it and to keep going. Of course, it also highlighted what a tough gig this is. In a room full of honest, genuine bloggers, all trying to catch our big break some how, it’s hard not to feel a little ‘meh’ about it all.

After the bloggers event last week, I had chance to take a stroll around London and make my way through Portobello Market. Being a Saturday it was so busy, a sea of people, along with a sea of cameras snapping up the sights of the pretty little pastel streets (I hold my hands up to being one of those people, hence the pictures placed in this post) but it was nice to be out in the open, along with the hustle and bustle. I was taking in some fresh air and weaving my way in and out of cute little shops, it’s something that I haven’t done in a long time, simply going somewhere new without an agenda. I suppose I just don’t want to look back at my 20’s, even 30’s and worry that I didn’t spend enough time enjoying moments because I was too busy trying to document all of them. Perhaps a little time away from social media isn’t such a bad thing. Perhaps switching our phones off on a Sunday evening wouldn’t do us any harm?

Every Monday I seem to repeat the same sentence ‘oh, how fast did the weekend go’ knowing full well I sat on my arse all Sunday afternoon checking my social media platforms ten thousand times (because one refresh is just not enough). It’s such a natural reaction for us to just scroll, scroll, scroll and I find that I do this on Facebook ALL the time, just scrolling through mindless crap. I don’t even like Facebook! Perhaps I’ll be brave and just delete the app off my phone…

I realise I’m blathering on and not really rounding this up. For me, I’d like to make a conscious effort to put the phone to one side now and then and engage with the real world oppose to an online one.

Hands up, who could do with a little social media switch off from time to time?

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