Well, it was about bloody time we saw some beautiful rays of sunshine! After a cold, moody week, it’s safe to say by the weekend the weather turned itself around and this definitely lifted my spirits. A busy working week paired with battling a stinking cold, it’s fair to say I was feeling a little blue. Having dragged my sorry state out of bed well into the afternoon on Saturday, I decided there was no point in getting dressed so I took to the sofa draped in my dressing gown with copious amounts of tea. I find it extremely hard to relax and I often feel guilty for simply doing nothing so for me to carry this through all day, I must have been feeling it! I curled up on that sofa all afternoon and evening until I decided to admit defeat and called it an early night and by early night, we’re talking 8pm. Life and soul of the party over here!

Feeling a little more refreshed, I managed to get my butt out of bed before midday on Sunday. After the success of my recent style shots, I wanted to get a few more and with the sun out to play (despite a cold still present) I was game! With my wonderful friend and blogger babe Tiffany Tales in tow, we took a stroll down to our newly favourite photo spot. Our local industrial estate of course! I’m sure we make for great cctv watching, strutting our stuff. What a pair! Anyways, who gives a flip.. anything for Instagram eh?

This time I styled up a double denim look, which for some controversial I know but to me, pretty cool. I’ll feature the shots in a separate post, if you like? So, after prancing around my local streets, I have to say I worked up quite an appetite. This is where the best veggie burger I’ve ever had comes into play; falafel patty in a brioche bun, paired with lettuce, red onion, avocado, jalapeños and basil pesto. Sound dreamy? It was! I grabbed a bite to eat out with my brother and my niece which was super cute. If you ever find yourself near a Cultivo Lounge, I highly recommend it!

Having started this blog post talking about my beloved sofa, I’ll end it just the same, I’m all snuggled up and ready to sign off. I hope you all have a relaxing evening, and I’ll catch you next week!

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