If I had to describe my style in three words I would go for; alternative, clashing and unpolished.

Style Introduction

Ever since I was young my style has always aired on the side of edgy, if that’s the right word to use. I remember applying eyeliner for the first time at the age of about 14, teamed with an outfit made up of black skinny jeans and a bright neon fishnet top, along with a hit of leopard print thrown in there too. Minus the fishnet top, not much has changed! I’m a sucker for faux leather, band t-shirts, denim and over the top accessories. To sum it up, I suppose my everyday look is pretty casual whether that be mom jeans paired with converse or a classic black dress and chunky boots, both completed with lashings of eyeliner, of course! That’s not to say that I don’t take a feminine approach to styling as I also love pretty floral prints, lace detailing and believe it or not the colour pink (not that you’d tell from these shots ha!).

Favourite Brands

I have a selection of favourite clothing sites I look to when I want to pick out a few new pieces for my wardrobe. Asos is usually the immediate go-to as there’s so many brilliant brands showcasing their threads. I reduce my search down to three, those being; Monki, Noisy May and Glamorous. Each one of them offering individual pieces that are right up my street. I also really rate Boohoo, once you wade past the never ending options, there’s some really cool stuff on there. I like to complete an outfit with some accessories such as rings and the trend that I’m still loving; chokers. I’m obsessed! I pick these up from eBay, you’d be surprised at what you can find on there.

Style Inspiration

 When it comes to clothes shopping, I have to address certain pieces with a two-way frame of mind; realistic and unrealistic. A lot of the time, I’m what you would call ‘window shopping’. Do you ever purchase something, a dress or whatever, thinking it looks totally amazing on the model and when you try it on, you resemble something more like a sack of potato’s? We’ve all been there! Being a petite 5ft 1 there are a lot of trends that sadly I have to avoid, I can fall in love with an outfit all day long but there’s no way in hell it’s going to work for me. Rocking an amazing outfit is all about understanding what looks good on you, what flatters your shape and what colours pop or sadly sometimes, wash you out. When you figure this out, your confidence will soar, along with your outfit. When I’m in need of an injection of style inspiration I look no further than Instagram, it’s the best place to lust. To sum it up, my general style is a more mature version of my sixteen year old self, that time when all I wanted to be was a pop punk princess.. Avril Lavigne – I’m looking at you!

Faux Leather Jacket | New Look

Band T-Shirt | Boohoo

Choker | Ebay

Star Print Denim Boots | Daisy Street through ASOS

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