There’s just something about assigning a brand new signature scent to a brand new year!

I love that moment when you catch a whiff of a familiar fragrance and a whole world of nostalgia comes flowing back to you. There are some scents that are so sentimental to me, they can instantly transport me to a memory or even more so, a memory of a person, it’s strange isn’t it?

The start of a new year is the perfect time to experiment with new fragrances and mix things up a little. When it comes to perfume I absolutely love the hit of a bold, spiced, almost masculine scent so I surprised myself when I was introduced to Fiori by Vince Camuto. I mean, first of all, how could I turn down such a pretty bottle? That’s dressing table goals right there, it’s flipping gorgeous. It’s almost too lovely to use.. almost.

As the name suggests, it has very floral top notes to it. The story goes that Vince was so inspired by the blossoming delphiniums in his garden he decided bottle them up! If I were to do this based on my garden right now I’d end up creating a perfume based on frosted brown tree leaves, not so elegant, eh? Luckily for Vince, this perfume is exactly that, it’s the essence of elegance. It’s fresh, light and feminine and this comes from the floral notes, plus the citrus of pink grapefruit.

Although as I’ve described, it does air on the sweeter side of scents I wouldn’t normally make a play for, I am enjoying giving this a spritz in the morning. Something fresh to start off the year!

Well that’s fragrance ticked off, perhaps I should update my entire make-up collection next? I mean, I guess one can dream!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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