I’ve been favouring a more chatty style of writing when it comes to blogging this year, I’m taking on a more relaxed approach to editionemmagrace and in all honesty, I feel like it genuinely helps me to produce better content. No pressure, no worries. Nearly two years into it and I’m starting to really understand the kind of content I want to be sharing out here, in the big wide world of the web. Rather than posting what I feel others want to see, or what falls into blogging guidelines, I’m creating content that’s more relatable to me, content I’m actually proud of when it goes live. I will no doubt go into that a little bit more but I’ll save those thoughts for another day. Today is all about relaxation, precisely what Sundays are made for and with that in mind, I’m going to start up a little weekend write up feature. This works perfectly for me as I can just slump onto the sofa late afternoon with a cup of tea (okay, okay a glass of wine) in hand and just type away, letting you know what I’ve been up to over the weekend.

A pretty chilled weekend to report, thankfully! My working week was super busy, lots of meeting and trips into central London, although luckily for me that staged an Instagram worthy opportunity. Carnaby Street is full of life, character and THE most beautifully coloured buildings so of course, out came the camera for a few quick snaps. I was drawn to the blue buildings mostly and there’s a reason behind this. You’ll either totally relate to the next line of words I’m about to type OR simply think that I’m am absolute twat BUT here goes nothing. I’ve taken on a new Instagram theme! Silence? Okay but seriously, this is a big deal for the social media savvy. Instagram is my favourite social media platform and I’ve always been so precious about how my feed looks as a whole. For the past year, I’ve been under the dangerous spell of the beautiful blogging world! As a blogger, we are taught that a perfectly placed lipstick on a clean, crisp, white background is the ideal photo. For the record, these photo’s are absolutely stunning when done right but for me in doing them, I completely lost my way. Transfixed with overexposing all of my photos, my feed just wasn’t real, it wasn’t a reflection of my personality so I simply decided to change it. White went out the window! This sounds utterly trivial to some I know but believe me when I tell you it’s the most wonderful feeling, realising you don’t have to follow the crowd and it’s rather exciting going again the grain.

I think this recent new found attitude has come from a book I finished reading at the weekend. Wildflower by Drew Barrymore is a book containing short stories and snippets from her life, it goes in no particular order but grips you in all the same. I couldn’t put this book down! Her passion for life is totally infectious, she’s an absolute babe. She’s clever, funny, witty, hardworking, fun and most importantly isn’t afraid to open up, reveal her heart, good and bad. I love that I can just dip back into this book, open it up at random and remind myself of how brilliant she is. It’s totally inspiring, it’s a real ‘get off your ass’ kind of book, perfect for encouraging a new positive mentality for the year.

Amongst the reading, cups of coffee, seeing friends and family, you know the usual, I did do something rather exciting. On the subject of being more honest, relatable and true to my interests, I started to feel that I wasn’t sharing my love for everything style enough on here. I’ve said before that when it comes to fashion and what I like to wear, it airs on the more edgy side. I’ve done a few haul posts and snapped up some pieces hanging from my clothing rail but I’ve yet to show you an outfit head to toe. With that in mind, I spent Saturday afternoon creating my first ever fully fledged style post. It should be going live next week so stay tuned, in the meantime, I’ll leave you with a little teaser below!

What’s been your weekend highlights?

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