As much as I would love to scoff down Instagram worthy avocado and eggs every morning for breakfast, with an early morning commute to London in the car to contend with, it’s just not possible. This obviously upsets me greatly but alas, I’ll leave beautifully buttered sourdough bread for a weekend treat. Once to I do eventually arrive at my desk, it’s fair to say I’m usually starving. I need a quick but hearty breakfast, all washed down with my morning caffeine fix, of course.

I’ve put together some of my favourite ‘at the desk’ breakfast ideas!

Smashed Avocado: If you really can’t get avocados off the brain (I struggle to) and nothing will stand between you and the green goodness, then I highly recommend a bag of frozen avocados from Tesco. Pre-peeled, pre-stoned and already sliced in half, these bad boys are ready for a good ol’ smashing! Just sling them in the freezer at work and take one out the evening before – easy! Warning: these require a ‘do not touch’ post it note, you don’t want them going astray!

Overnight Bircher Muesli: The quickest brekkie in the history of breakfasts! This is a great, healthy breakfast that you simply whip up the night before and just plonk a portion into a tub in the morning. It’s delicious and even better, will keep you going until lunch time. No mid-morning snacks required – promise! You can find my favourite recipe here, created by the beautiful Deliciously Ella.

Breakfast Bars: Sometimes, my hunger cravings kick in early and I can’t make the car journey without have a quick bite to eat. This is where breakfast bars come in perfectly! One hand on the wheel, one clutching my favourite banana breakfast bar. I’m talking homemade of course, not the sugary supermarket kind. So super easy to make and cheap too, a whole batch will last you a week. Again, a recipe to live by from my favourite wellness guru, Ella, check it out here.

If all else fails, just throw a giant crumpet into the toaster. It’s totally OKAY as a Friday treat, right?!

  • The Sunday Mode

    I used to love making muesli bars and different kinds of oat bars back when I was at uni and I wanted a quick breakfast, but bircher muesli is the best! I invested in one of those 9/7 hour thermoses and it’s honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I can put my yoghurt in it and still eat it 7 hours later without it needing to be refrigerated at all.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • editionemmagrace

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll be investing in one of those 🙂 xo