Almost two weeks into 2017, how are we all feeling?

I’ve been feeling very wordy lately and I’ve again had the sudden urge to sit down and just write, write, write. Much the same as my recent ‘new year, new outlook’ instalment, I’m embracing the brand new year ahead and having never been one to shy away from honesty I’m rather enjoying sharing my thoughts and feelings. I seem to be favouring the more lifestyle approach to blogging at the moment. I’m just running with it, so stick with me!

I have previously mentioned that resolutions aren’t something I tend to do, life happens and I’m a firm believer in character development, not change. With that in mind, I decided to create this post based on lessons learnt over the past year and simply set some ground rules for 2017. It’s time to let go and here is a list of things I want to leave behind:


I want to start this one by firstly saying it’s totally okay to be emotional when bad things happen to you. Cry, get angry, scream, whatever you need to do to process how you are feeling in that moment, please do it. Ultimately, after you’ve done all of that, simply move on. Perhaps that’s easier said than done and I totally appreciate it’s not always easy, trust me, I’ve been there! When you learn to focus your energy on something positive over something negative, your whole state of mind changes and boy does it feel good. When somebody does something bad to you, it’s a reflection on them and not you so just breathe and leave it all behind you, walk away being the better person. I have a favourite quote that reads; ‘pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together’ and in all honesty, I fully live by this quote.


 We are all guilty of this one, I’m sure of it. I’d like to meet new people in 2017, make new friends, find others that share the same passions as I do and if this is something that I truly want to make happen then I need to search for it with a fresh pair of eyes. It’s so easy to assume that someone may not be your ‘kind of person’ simply by what they are wearing or what type of car they are driving. Does any of this even matter? Do material possessions really define you and your personality? I want to be rich in love and friendship. Happiness is the one thing that makes the world seem like a better place.


Much like the above, being jealous by what others have is not a healthy way to live. Although, I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t often feel this way but with social media portraying an unrealistic view of how others live, it’s hard not to get sucked into it all. Instagram is simply a story, it’s fiction, it’s snippets of the ‘best bits’ and often hides the not so pretty, gritty, everyday real parts of life. Let’s face it, we’ve all cried into our pillows and chose not to share that on social media! Don’t focus so much on what you don’t have, simply embrace what you do. As they say, the grass isn’t always greener.


Those ‘you’ll never know’ moments totally suck. That moment of feeling torn and being forced with having to make a choice. Two paths laid out in front of you, which one do you choose? At the end of the day if you never try, you’ll never know! I would rather look a fool than live life in regret thinking, what if..


Just one, very self-explanatory word. Don’t indulge in them, simply send them on their way!

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