It’s a strange time of year, isn’t it? That moment in between Christmas and the new year ahead, it’s a safety net, a time to just be, a time to relax, refresh and reconnect. Happy, sometimes sad, grateful, excited, all these emotions are stirring around during the festive season and then bam, suddenly the words ‘resolutions’ come into play. This makes me feel uneasy. When asked, what do you want to change for next year, a little part of me wants to hide away. Firstly, I want to replace the words change with grow, improve, or even develop. Change just carries too many negatives for me, as if we must immediately take on a brand new persona. ‘Resolutions’ if you like, should be gentle, realistic and most importantly encourage a positive outlook on the year ahead, rather than tarnishing the year just gone, thus everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it?


I feel as though this is going to be more of a thought process, an end of year diary entry per se, rather than my usual style of light hearted posts but hey grab a cup of tea (or wine, whichever state of mind you’re in) and let’s just run with it.


Turning 27 this year was literally like a smack in the face. For the first time in forever I genuinely had a mini freak out about my age. Realising that no longer can I act in a care free, who gives a flip manner, really made me re-evaluate where the next steps in my life should go. Don’t worry, I’m not turning into an ‘in bed by 8pm’ nun just yet (cocktails forever please) but potentially some ‘toning down’ is on the cards. No doubt will I continue to be loud, bold and brash, these traits aren’t going anywhere even if I tried but my values are certainly taking a turn. My usual ‘yes’ attitude is being replaced with ‘need to check my bank balance first’ (god, it hurts to even type it). Growing up is all part of life and I’m learning to deal with that. I’m learning to enjoy the things that I thought were boring, or a ‘chore’ when I was a kid. I’m favouring time with my family over hungover naps in bed, I’m swapping naïve decisions for somewhat logical ones. There are of course positives to hitting your late twenties and for me that’s included purchasing my second car, bagging myself the job I’ve been craving and hitting the ‘I’ve been living on my own for a year’ milestone. To sum up this ramble, let’s just say I’m getting to grips with this whole independence malarkey.


The simple stuff 
Everyone has little tweaks that they would like to make. There’s the usual keep fit, eat less chocolate type promises floating around but I don’t see any point in those because let’s face it, sometimes life just happens! I do have an idea on how I would like 2017 to pan out and how I can try and make that happen, I’ve set three teeny weeny goals for myself.


Be kind 
A compliment, a gesture, a favour. From having my own personal insecurities I know how important it is to be kind to others and I love nothing more than to see smiles on my family and friends faces, for me there is nothing better. I’ve made some stupid moves in the past but I’m getting to grips with the kind of person I want to be, at least I think I am!


Be more creative
I want to learn. Whether that’s a new skill or a new language, whipping up a tasty, complicated dish or just taking a little time to create something, something I can say hell yes I made that. I want challenge after challenge. I’ve always been a very motivated person but more so within the past year and next year I really want to put that into practise, I want to take on life at full speed.


Don’t dwell
I can think of so many moments where I have given myself such a hard time over something, something major or minor and unfortunately it’s a flaw of mine. Is it worth sweating the small stuff? Sometimes, you just have to be a little ‘meh’ about things and actually, that’s ok. Being kind includes doing so to myself.


So what does the future hold for the not so party mad, aspiring adult to be? Well, frankly who knows?! Unfortunately, I don’t have a crystal ball to tell me. I’d love to say that 2017 will be the year that my blog kicks off or I meet my Prince Charming (a girl can dream). All I know is that I’m taking on a can-do attitude. Work hard and play hard, that’s all I’ll say!


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