The Lifestyle Edition: Twenty Things To Do On Christmas Day

My December nights have been spent glued to my laptop, dedicated to wonder that is Vlogmas. Although not taking part myself, I’ve always loved having a snoop at what others do around Christmas time. It’s such a special time of year and although each family has their own little routine, the basis of it is pretty much the same every year. Anyway, feeling all festive and that, I was inspired  to create a list of Christmas day must-do’s and traditions:

  1.  Pj’s – the morning just HAS to be spent in tacky, tartan nightwear.
  2. Presents – NOT the priority but hey, who doesn’t like presents?
  3. Lush bath – for me, a Snow Fairy infused dip in the tub is what Christmas is all about.
  4. Smoked salmon – combined with scrabbled eggs, it’s totally okay to be a basic bitch on Christmas morning!
  5. Bucks fizz – totally needed to wash down the delicious breakfast, right?
  6. Stretch those legs – it’s a tradition of ours to take the dogs for a little stroll on the day.
  7. Music – Putting aside you’ve heard it all month, Christmas tunes are a must.
  8. Laying the table – a reminder that a HUGE feast is on it’s way.
  9. Offer – ask Mum if she needs any help, just for her to say no (every single year).
  10. Roast potato’s – attempt to eat a pile of about ten, and then fail.
  11. Sprouts – embrace them, it’s Christmas.
  12. Crackers – tacky jokes are what Christmas is all about!
  13.  Christmas pudding – if you don’t like it, you’re an alien!
  14. Monopoly – again, totally not Christmas without it.
  15. Arguments – usually follows after the above but hey, not a normal family with a little argument here and there!
  16. Crap telly – it’s a must to tune in, usually to some awful Christmas edition of Deal or No Deal.
  17. Sleeping – the afternoon is the perfect time to sneak in a little nap.
  18. Photos – I’m not talking Instagram, a good old fashioned family photo.
  19. Tears – someone always ends up crying, right?
  20. Family – none of the above wouldn’t happen without the ones you love, so remember to tell them that you love them!

Wishing you all an absolutely lovely Christmas. Eat, drink and of course, be merry!

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