The Lifestyle Edition: Is Daily Content Quality Content?


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Okay, so I didn’t quite end Blogtober how I planned and it very much came to a hault. October was a seriously hectic month in general but especially towards the end and considering I had a few things going on I managed to bag 25 blog posts out of 31 which actually, is pretty damn good. It was an intense experience, I felt like I was racking my brains all the time, trying to think up interesting content to share with you all. I definitely went out of the lines of beauty which is a focus on the blog and featured a few ‘chatty’ posts which I really enjoyed doing. Hopefully, you got to know me a little better too! This all brings me onto the bulk of this blog post. It’s a long one, so grab yourself a cup of tea.

I’m throwing this straight out there. How important is content? Is everyday content ‘good’ content? Can you stray from mainstream categories such as beauty, fashion, style, interior, food etc? How do you find your own niche? So many questions so little answers but this is what Blogtober does to you, it definitely got me thinking, wondering and honestly, slightly scrutinizing my own blog.

My blog headings currently read beauty, favourites, food, lifestyle and interior and I’d like to think I cover all of those subjects, some maybe more than others. My lifestyle content throughout Blogtober from what I could tell was well received with my post ‘Twenty Things To Do In Autumn’ being the most popular. I thoroughly enjoyed creating that post and putting it all together came with ease from the copy to the image, everything looked really pretty (if I do say so myself). I also enjoyed uploading the ‘Week In Instagram’ posts and definitely prefered a more chatty style of writing that came with them. Along with beauty, I would say lifestyle definitely covers a huge part of my blog and actually you could say that food and interior sort of fall into that anyway. I read so many blogs that inspire me, some of them being style related, others interior, lifestyle, fashion, food, generally a big ol’ mix of content. So, where am I going with this? I’m starting to wonder if any of this even matters and do you have to label yourself as a ‘something’ blogger. It definitely makes things a little easier when deciding on content although half the time it can easily go out the window. I’m a total perfectionist when it comes to my blog and I find the writing side fairly easy, I mean, I could talk for days but if I’m not happy with an image then it’s scrapped. I have heaps of post in the bin section it’s unreal, perhaps I’m too hard on myself. Much like my Instagram, it’s about the ‘whole look’ not just an individual post.

If you’re still here, then thanks for sticking through my rambling. I suppose what I’m trying to explain is that I’d like to hope that I have a relatable blog over a saturated one, regardless of what I feel like uploading. As much as the main reason for doing this blog is the enjoyment, of course there is an element of pressure to upload regularly and keep up to speed with the fast paced blogger world but I’m forever reminding myself that there is room for everyone and that a little push to want to do better is always healthy.

I hope a fraction of that made any sense. Have you been experiencing any blogging woes?

I’m pleased to say that I’m back in action, so be sure to stick around a little longer!

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