The Blogtober Edition: How To Tackle Early Mornings



There is no denying that Autumn mornings are beautiful, It’s just getting out of bed to witness them that’s the problem. It’s just too damn cold! Are you struggling to crawl out from under that super cosy duvet? Me too! I’ve put together some tips and ideas on how to get motivated in preparation for the colder months ahead.

01. Set your alarm that little bit earlier

Hear me out on this one! I know it sounds crazy, but there is method behind the madness. I personally like to have a little extra time to get my brain into gear. If you have to rush about, that usually means there isn’t time for coffee and frankly, I can’t function all that well without it. We’re talking ten minutes, a small amount of time to get yourself in ‘alert mode’. I can assure you that small amount of time will make a big difference.

02. Place your alarm out of arms reach

If you want to be really tough on yourself, place your alarm or phone away from the bed. That dreaded noise will soon get you up on your feet in no time.

03. Plan your outfit, lunch and bag the night before

This will help to compromise those extra minutes you’re not willing to loose on my first tip. I’ve had some absolute manic mornings running around throwing clothes everywhere, a little organisation allows you a little extra time snoozing. Win!

04. Set the heating onto a timer

There is nothing worse than peeping those toes out from under the duvet onto a cold floor. Set a timer on your central heating, adjust it to come on half an hour before your alarm is due to go off. This will make things a lot easier, and warmer when you need to make that run to the shower.

05. Have a plan of action

It’s so easy to wake up with a negative mind-set when you’re still a bit sleepy and there is a risk of that continuing throughout the day if you don’t get yourself into gear pronto. When you wake up, set yourself something to look forward to. It can be anything, even something so simple; your morning coffee, a delicious breakfast, a new scented shower gel, wearing your favourite lipstick, a quick skype call with a friend, just anything that puts a smile on your face. So often we concentrate on the daunting parts of the day, we forget about the small stuff that genuinely make us happy.

Try something new tomorrow morning. Let me know how you get on and remember, whatever you do, just don’t roll over!

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