The Blogtober Edition: Philip Kingsley Recommendations

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When it comes to office discussions, being female orientated, we cover an array of beauty and lifestyle topics (over numerous cups of tea of course) but it always comes back to beauty and this includes haircare. Philip Kingsley usually takes over conversation with the hero product Elasticizer taking centre stage. I don’t think I’ve met a girl that hasn’t gone gooey eyed over this miracle product.

I’ve spoken about Elasticizer before and this was featured in a YouTube video of mine. It totally deserves the air time! But, I have been reaching for other products from the brand, one being the PK Prep Polishing Balm. I first tried this when I received a sample in one of my monthly Birchbox deliveries, and honestly it was love at first sight. My hair, although fairly long, does have a tendency to be quite fine which results in a rather  undesired ‘fly-away’ look. The polishing balm protects and helps to style hair, the glossy texture sweeps through the ends of the hair so easily without leaving any residue or that awful claggy feeling that comes with some products. Although I try to refrain from using too much heat on my hair, sometimes a girl just wants a curly do, is that too much to ask? When I do use any heat on my hair, such as a barrel wand, the Polishing Balm really helps to give a smooth result and my hair just feels genuinely soft, healthy and protected – not damaged.

Something else I’ve been trying is a product from the Trichotherpay range, and that’s the Volumizing Protein Spray. This is a great addition to the above, it’s been created to improve hairs health and reduce breaking. Basically, think detangler but better! I’ve been using this just over a week now and I would say that I have noticed a difference in the look and feel of my hair. It’s extremely lightweight and again, doesn’t leave any sort of sticky residue.

I never used to take much care with my hair but with it being the longest it’s ever been, having regular cuts and investing in quality products is so important.

Girls just gotta get that hair on fleek!


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