The Blogtober Edition: Productivity With POWWOWNOW


Monday again, doesn’t it swing around fast?

During Blogtober, today’s post would normally be a ‘Week In Instagram’ installment but in all honesty I’ve had so much on that uploading images has come last on my list of priorities. Last week was pretty stressful for me, I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I let a few personal issues get to me and alongside that my car decided to break down. Overall, not the best week I’ve ever had but I’m human and it’s totally okay not to be completely ‘on it’ all of the time. After some much-needed family time at the weekend, come Sunday night I felt a lot better (after indulging in some chocolate of course) and I was ready to tackle a brand new week ahead.

Throwing things back to an event I attended a few weeks back, hosted by Powwownow, I wanted to create a post based on a few things you can do to motivate your mind and generally give your body some TLC after a stressful time. Sometimes, it can be so difficult to focus when your brain is so consumed by a hectic schedule. Powwownow hosted a productivity event and I wanted to share with you some of the insightful tips they taught for juggling daily life.

Managing your day

However you feel comfortable doing this, it’s important to introduce structure into the working day. I’m definitely a ‘list’ person and I find that writing everything down clears my head a little but more importantly ticking it all off feels so rewarding. I picked up a little tip from the event, which I’m trying to set into place myself, and that’s putting allocated time aside for certain jobs. For me, I get distracted so easily and before I know it my day has gone off course and I’ve started something else without finishing what I wanted to do. Turning your attention away from emails could help with this, set some time aside to reply to emails and be strict with this, try not to dip into your inbox too much as will eliminate veering you astray.

Managing your energy

Are you a morning person? Is it a case of don’t speak to me until coffee o’ clock? Being a blogger I’m always tied to my laptop, even past the working office day and especially in the evenings. Figuring out when you focus best during the day will go in your favour and setting tasks that require concentration at these times will help you complete them. It goes without saying but to keep your energy levels up it’s important to fuel through food and that’s the good kind. Don’t worry, small amounts of good quality chocolate is fine.. phew! At the event, nutritionist Alice Mackintosh gave a really interesting talk on foods; what to scoff, what to avoid and what to balance. That’s a whole other subject and I’m hoping to do a ‘what I eat in a day’ post soon, I’ll cover all those points too so stay tuned.

Managing your expectations

As much as I’d like to think that my alter ego is Wonder Woman, it’s not. Juggling the office, my blog, gym classes and all things friends and social, can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. It’s totally okay to draw back on a few things without beating yourself up about it. It’s never healthy to over work yourself, and ultimately that’s not productive long-term.

Click here if you would like to know more on the event as Powwownow have created a write-up, including even more tips and tricks!

 I hope that was helpful! On that note, just off to motivate myself to schedule the next 14 days of blogtober..

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