The Blogtober Edition: Snapchat Saturday


Much like last Saturday’s blogtober instalment, this week is again dedicated to Snapchat!

I’ve actually got lots on today, so as always my morning will start with coffee.. lots and lots of coffee! I’m meeting my brother, his girlfriend and my niece for breakfast this morning so that’ll get me out the house for an hour or so but then it’s back home. This afternoon calls for cleaning, washing, blogging and car searching. I’ve got a fair amount of housework to tackle this afternoon so apologies if my snaps are on the more boring side. After that’s all done I’ll probably be tied to my laptop for a couple of hours. I’m on the hunt for a new car as sadly mine has gone kaput on me! It’s a fairly old car and although it has served me well as a first little car for just over a year, it’s stuggling to handle the commute to London. So, I’m looking to upgrade to something with a bit more oomph! Thoughts on cars that are good for motorway driving? (I’m totally useless, so help a girl out).

As I said, nothing overly exciting to show you today, although I’ll probably treat myself to a cheeky little g&t tonight after a day of chores. If you would like to follow my day over on Snapchat then give me an add; xx_emmagrace

How are you spending your Saturday?




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