The Blogtober Edition: My Week In Instagram



Well, that’s the first week of Blogtober complete! So far, so good. I’m not finding it too stressful.. yet!

Safe to say I’ve endured an indulgent week. Basically, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a little bit. There’s been takeaways at work, wine filled week nights and a lack of gym classes. To top things off I didn’t wake up until midday on Saturday which you may know if you caught my Snapchats. I’m not sure if I’ve just got a case of laziness or if I’m coming down with something but my energy levels have conked. Hopefully, I can turn things around this week!

I ventured out to Homesense on Saturday, I’m really enjoying taking a little drive out somewhere new. Since I created my homewares wish list I’ve had Homesense on the brain. I picked up some really cute pieces and I wanted to fit them into a blog post on here but I’m not overly happy with how the shots came out.. blogger problems! I would usually just film it over on my YouTube channel but whilst I’m doing Blogtober I have pretty much abandoned YouTube. Although, if I’m being honest I have lost a little motivation for it but anyway that’s a whole other story! Hopefully I can retake the images as I really want to show you what I got.

For the week ahead I’ve got a little catch up session in the diary this Wednesday and that’s with some old work colleagues so I’m really looking forward to that! It’s weird to think that I’ve been at my new company of work for six months. There’s lots of exciting plans and events in the pipeline with work and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my new role soon.

I’ve started a new book. I say new, I’ve tried to read The Night Circus a couple of times and for some reason have struggled to get into it but I’m giving it another shot. Has anyone else managed to read this?

Have a great week everyone!

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