The Blogtober Edition: Alternative Beauty Storage

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I really enjoy the words ‘clutter free’. When it comes to organising I definitely prefer a more simplistic approach and I don’t necessarily like everything on show. Being a beauty blogger I can admit that I hoard a fair share of products and some I like to have out, others I don’t. I have some classic Muji drawers to neatly store my palettes and pretty make-up that I’m happy to have out for easy reach. When it comes to nail polishes, with the amount that I have, I prefer to hide these away somewhere.

I have a really beautiful desk which I ordered from Wayfair when I moved into my home almost a year ago now and it’s served me well. The top is completely white, so totally handy for ‘blogger moments’ when I need to capture a crisp, clean Instagram shot. It also comes with three drawers for some much needed storage space. I used to keep my nail polishes in a pot and although that was okay, I had to tip it all on the floor every time I wanted a change my colour which is more often than it should be! I looked to picking up some more storage options from Muji as they do some great drawer dividers, plus they are totally inexpensive. Before I placed an order I set myself a little clear out challenge last week, luckily for me this resulted in a lightbulb moment. I came across my Birchbox boxes which I had kept just in case they came in handy, and they certainly did! They are the perfect size for lining up all my nail polishes and I simply lay them back into the drawers. Not only is everything super neat and tidy, I can pick out a colour with ease.

There are plenty of other alternative storage solutions that can be used to organise make-up as well as skincare. I’ve listed a few suggestions below:

Just remember, creating space simply creates room for more.. wink!

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