The Blogtober Edition: Wunderbrow Review

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Working in beauty often has it perks, especially when one of the girls in the office gets her hands on some samples, it always ends in a rather excitable desk huddle! My latest beauty recruit came in the form of the much hyped about Wunderbrow*. I can’t seem to log onto Instagram without seeing this crop up and I always catch it on YouTube featuring in various make-up tutorials. So, what’s all the fuss about?

Wunderbrow is unlike any other other eyebrow product in that it’s designed to last. I’m pretty damn loyal to my favourite Soap and Glory brow archery pencil and I’m an absolute wizz at applying it but of course, it just simply comes off at the end of each day with one swift cleanse. Wunderbrow is labelled as ‘budge-proof’ and it promotes longevity making it a semi-permanent product. This appeals to me as I used to be a repeat customer for HD Brows but sadly it just became too expensive. Wunderbrow although doesn’t last quite as long, does have a similar effect.

The idea is that you apply as normal, just like any other brow product and the hairlike fibres work their magic to cling onto your own brow hair. I’ve tried this a couple of times now and I have to say I am impressed. Firstly there are a few shades to pick from, I went for auburn which seems to be a good match for me and actually gives me a more natural look over other brow products I’ve tried in the past. Usually you’re stuck with having either blonde or brunette to pick from whereas I now know that I’m inbetween the two. Using Wunderbrow definitely gives me a softer look, my brows seem more plumped up and actually hair-like as oppose to just filled in.

I’m pretty sure that I’m late to the bandwagon with this one but this could go in my favour as I have a question for any Wunderbrow users out there. As much as I really like the product, I’m finding that applying directly from the brush is giving me a slightly thicker brow (think scouse brow) than i would prefer, I just can’t seem to keep the application to the thin side. Perhaps transferring onto an angled eyebrow brush would help?

If anyone is kind enough to pass on their beauty hack with this one, I’d be much appreciated!

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