The Blogtober Edition: Cherry Bakewell Cookies

Everyone tends to go a bit cake mad around this time of year and The Great British Bake Off is usually to blame for that although I have to admit my Wednesday nights are blocked out of my dairy specifically for tuning into the box to watch Mary Berry at her finest. Cakes have gone up a notch in the past couple of years, from my memory of a classic Victoria sponge to some seriously amazing triple tiered creations. You can’t log onto social media without seeing a rainbow layered cake these days! I actually placed an order with a specialist cake design company a few years back, it was for my mums birthday and Neighbourhood Bakes created a gorgeous pink peony styled cake, smothered in vanilla frosting. I don’t think I had ever laid my eyes on anything so beautiful and I would highly recommend if you’re looking for something extra special for an occasion! (Image below courtesy of Neighbourhood Bakes).


Baking has never really been ‘my thing’ but when the colder months come around there’s nothing more satisfying than filling your home with tempting scents of sweet treats so I always like to give it a try! I’m not one for experimenting and if I can follow a recipe the result usually turns out fairly okay, not to be said for my kitchen of course which is usually left in a state. I recently held a Macmillan Coffee Morning at work so I whipped up something tasty to take in. I looked to Tesco for some inspiration. I may have mentioned before that I’m a big fan of their monthly food magazine.. i’m old and uncool, I know! In all seriousness if meal planning is not your strongest point then grab this magazine as they do all the hard work for you. A rather delicious recipe caught my eye; cherry bakewell cookies. As a kid, cherry bakewell tarts were a lunch box favourite so with nostalgia in mind I had a go at baking them in cookie form. I didn’t do too badly and they were pretty well received by my work colleagues.

If you’d like to have a go at baking these yourself, then head on over to the online Tesco magazine here.

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