The Food Edition: Brunch at Boulestin Mayfair, London

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If you ever find yourself in the South West part of London in need of a brunch fix, I’ve got just the place!

I stumbled across Boulestin whilst hurrying myself around town in between meetings and events. I had a serious case of ‘hangry’ and no-one was standing in my way! I saw two gentleman sitting outside with cups of coffee and I was sold, a caffeine fix was something I was seriously craving by this point. I think it’s fair to say that front of house could sense my hurried approach and kindly offered me a seat outside, I passed some rather stylish marble dining tables inside and although this was hard to do (Instagram snaps were on my mind) I’m so glad that they did as I was led to a gorgeous courtyard hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. It was the prettiest little area, flourished with flowers, plants and more importantly a world away from my busy morning. Total peace and quiet.. I was in heaven!

The menu, I have to say, aired on the pricey side which I guess comes with French cuisine. Luckily for me, there was a separate all day brunch menu with a simple selection of pastries and savoury dishes. I begrudgingly declined the offer of the wine menu, work duties of course (sigh) and ordered a salmon and cream cheese bagel with the waiter along with a cappuccino. I have no complaints, the food was good and service was quick plus all staff were extremely polite.

It was a flying visit to say the least but I’ve logged this little spot in the back of my mind and next time, i’ll be sure not to decline that wine!