The Beauty Edition: NYX Cosmetics Collection

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I’m still completely lusting over a fairly new beauty brand that’s been knocking around town.. well for the UK anyway! The day that NYX came to my local Boots was a day to remember. The sun was shining and I was just taking a casual stroll around town, only popped in for some essentials and there it was.. a beacon of beauty. Okay, a little dramatic but I’m trying to set the scene for you and for you to see it from a beauty addicts point of view. To put it in direct terms – I lost my shit.

I have been wanting to get my hands (or lips, for that matter) on the soft matte creams for a seriously long time. So, as you do, I picked up four shades in one go! A selection of gorgeous ‘Kylie’ styled nude hues, topped off with classic, bold red.

Let’s start with the nudes. Packaging wise, they all look very similar but each provides a totally different sweep of colour. I picked up the following shades; Zurich, Cannes and Stockholm. I’ve also got my eyes on a deep burgundy called Rome and with Autumn creeping up on us this is next on the list. Woolly jumpers paired with purple pout is right up my street. The red is self-explanatory, I just didn’t have the heart to walk away and leave it behind, it’s a shade for all occasions and I especially like the undertone of orange this colour has.

So, we’ve covered the colours now let’s get onto the formula. When it comes to matte you naturally expect a certain level of ‘drying out’ when it comes to lip products but I have to say that compared to other high street brands I have used in the past I can’t complain about NYX too much! As the title suggests the application is soft, it doesn’t apply too harsh or thick, it’s quite a thin formula so perfect for building up.

Being a self-confessed beauty obsessive, I couldn’t possibly stop at a few lip creams. I also picked up a beautiful liquid illuminator. Who doesn’t love lashings of highlighter? This little treat comes in a couple of different shades, I picked up the bronzed one out of the bunch but they also do a pearly pink colour which would be the perfect for a night-out accompaniment, along with a cosmopolitan in hand of course. Safe to say I’m heading back to Boots to pick this one up too!

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your favourites from the range?

How lovely of you to drop by!

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