The Beauty Edition: Budget eBay Eyeshadow Palette


So, September swings around fast doesn’t it? I think I even caught a glimpse of Christmas cards in store the other day… *shocked face*

Although I’m not ready to welcome the Autumnal months with open arms just yet (still clutching onto that sweet Summer heat) there’s no harm in a little preparation so I turned to eBay for some help. Beauty bargains are my absolute favourite, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t decline a Chanel lipstick here and there but there’s something about finding a little gem and saving some pennies for much needed weekend cocktails (although saying that, count me out of the bubbles for a month as I’m tackling Dryathalon).

eBay is genuinely one of my favourite places to shop and I set myself a little mission to grab some beauty buys under a budget. It’s fair to say that I succeeded, to the point where I’m pretty sure the postman was sick of the sight of my front door by the end of the week! Luckily for me, I reaped all the rewards of each and every parcel. I managed to grab myself some make-up along with a few pamper products, some of which are a trusty repurchase and others a totally brand new discovery. If you’re interested in seeing everything in a little more detail, I have uploaded a haul over on my YouTube channel, so head on over!


One product that just has to take limelight for this post is the oh so reasonably priced eyeshadow palette… you’ve been eyeing it up haven’t you? Well, can you guess how much? What if I told you that the extensive selection of eyeshadows above was a mere £2.99?! I mean, you can’t even grab a cup of coffee for that price these days! Before you go into auto judgement, I’ll dive straight into the positives. Obviously the price and quantity helped me instantly click ‘buy’ but I was also drawn to the warm hues, especially that rich, deep burgundy within the centre. I’m happy to report that these colours hold some serious pigmentation, they’re bold and beautiful! A budget make-up product usually comes with a down fall and you know me, I’m always here to give you honesty so of course there is a small catch. Fortunately, it comes in the form of the usual eyeshadow snag; chalky texture and slight fall out. For the sake of the price, I’m more than happy to compromise!

I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this little gem and I’m excited to try out a few combinations from the palette, i’m thinking warm beiges and of course, the classic eyeliner flick. If you would like to get your hands on this and give it a try yourself, just click here.

If you’ve got any bargain beauty buys under your sleeve feel free to share, I’m all ears.. I mean eyes!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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