The Lifestyle Edition: Fitness Chit Chat Featuring Pink Soda Sport*

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I would love to start this blog by telling you that I’m a total fitness junkie.. but sadly I would be lying! The subject of staying healthy and fitness is always a difficult one to cover, especially when bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. I’m definitely within the slim category, at just over 5ft I’m on the more petite side of things but I wouldn’t say that I’m completely comfortable with my body (who is?!) and everyone has their own hang-ups. I would say that I generally eat pretty healthily, although I’m totally okay with admitting that I enjoy a biscuit with my before bed cups of tea and the odd takeaway here and there! Let’s just say that I could do with a little toning up, and with August flying by it would be nice to get into some sort of routine before the colder months start to creep up on us (how am I even saying this, where is this year going!!).

I’ve been thinking of joining a gym for a while, mainly for the classes, a group activity along with some company would definitely give me a motivation boost. I have been working out at home and YouTube is great for following tutorials and online sessions. I love a spot of yoga and I’m addicted to Yoga with Adrienne, I’m also subscribed to Fitness Blender which is a little bit more intense, think butt, thighs and abs (I wish). Although I’ve really been enjoying at home workouts I think a gym environment will push me just that little bit further. So, I had been hesitating about signing on the dotted line and I had that in my mind when Pink Soda Sport got in touch and kindly asked if I would like to sample a few pieces of active wear from their new Summer campaign. I took this as a sign, it just had to be! It was the nudge I needed, it pushed me in the right direction to get my butt down to the gym and get my membership all sorted.

I totally jumped at the chance to try some cool gym clobber, being a self-confessed fitness newbie I could really do with bulking up on some essentials. Entering the gym is like walking a catwalk, it’s all about the look! This is what Pink Soda Sport focus on and manage to deliver so well. They have created a collection of LA inspired active wear designed for women who want to look good whilst working out. They’re totally pro body confidence, and each piece is designed with all body shapes and sizes in mind, from cute crop tops to super soft hoodies, right down to sleek, breathable leggings, all with the fashion conscious in mind. Worn by celebrities such as Sam Faiers, Charlotte Crosby and Lauren Pope, this brand are definitely making their mark, and I’m really chuffed to add these pieces to my newly created ‘gym wardrobe’.

As you can see, as soon as they arrived on my doorstep I had to give them a test drive with a casual jog in my local village. I can happily report that everything was extremely comfortable to wear and looked great, the prints are really stylish, I even got a few head turns sprinting past some fellow runners although between you and me that was probably directed at my on hand camera woman chasing after me!

You can purchase the collection exclusively at JD Sports and it’s proving popular so I advise that you get a move on.. pun totally intended!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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