The Beauty Edition: Bare It All CC Base Coat by Leighton Denny

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Newsflash! There’s a new nail treatment in town..

Nailcare has never been one of my strengths (excuse the pun) but I have definitely started to take it a little more seriously. Luckily, my nails have always been on the healther side generally and I don’t have too many problems. A career in beauty comes with a certain level of standards, and I personally think a presentable manicure is one of them especially if meeting new people is on the agenda, there is nothing worse than greeting a formal handshake with a half-arsed, chipped manicure.

I switch up my polish frequently, I like to change the colour a lot and this is usually dependant on my outfit too. With this in mind, I do like to give them a break now and then. There are a lot of good quality treatments on the market but I have one bugbear about them, that being they are all clear. The reason why this bothers me so much is that a clear, glossy coat is just not enough for me, I feel too exposed and from another eye it just looks like I haven’t been bothered. I’ve been seeking a tinted base coat for a while and of course, Leighton Denny is there to provide!

Bare It All CC Base Coat* is described as a conceal and care treatment. Just think foundation for the nails! Designed to fill ridges and mask imperfections, this treatment gets to work with a little help from some gorgeous ingredients such as marula oil and keratin whilst providing a natural finish in the form of a nude nail colour. This to me, makes it the most perfect all rounder. The colour that it gives is subtle, almost like a light beige colour which is ideal for all skin tones. You just can’t beat a nude, it goes with anything and will always look great.. a total classic! Due to the colour this can easily be worn on it’s own but it does work as a base coat under colour, just make sure its a darker polish that’s going over the top.

The results are impressive and when I have worn this I always catch a glimmer of shine, there really is something flawless about the formula. It’s definitely one of those multiuse products, I would suggest applying a couple of coats to achieve the neutral colour and then finishing with a top coat of something clear, just to maximise the benefits.

This is going to become my ultimate Sunday saviour as I’ll simply apply this and leave it to get to work, not forgetting to admire the sweep of colour! Perfect for when I’m running errands or just lazing around the house (more likely) oh and on that note, kettle on and time to put my feet up..

How lovely of you to drop by!

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