The Beauty Edition: Six Step Winged Eyeliner


If I had to pick just one signature make-up look, then for me, it will always be in the form of winged eyeliner as I just wouldn’t be seen without it!

Applying eyeliner is a true art form and I salute those that can do it so well. I wouldn’t call myself an eyeliner expert but I have over time, and with practise, got that chic cat flick in the bag. It’s not just make-up, it’s definitely part of my style and it just completes my look perfectly, which I would describe as generally quite girly but with an edgy twist – think mom jeans and slogan t shirts, finished off with a cool choker.

As I mentioned before, I can apply eyeliner well with the help of my favourite product. There is so much to choose from when picking the right product for you, whether that be a gel and brush, or a felt tip style pen, or perhaps a pencil. I personally find that using a felt tip style pen is the easiest and I’m totally loyal to Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner. Firstly, when using this you get the neatest liner ever, it’s essentially a fool-proof product! Also, what I love even more is the result, which is a jet black, matte flick. The longevity of this stuff is insane, it lasts all day and all night.

I could easily write paragraph after paragraph but ultimately seeing is believing and I have created a short eyeliner tutorial over on my YouTube channel, and if you would like to give that a watch then just click on this link!

What’s your go to make-up favourite?