The Lifestyle Edition: Paris Trip

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Bonjour, comment vas-tu?

If you can’t already tell by my cheesy opener, I recently hopped on the Eurostar to the wonderful city of Paris! I have been lucky enough to experience two International work trips in two weeks. This trip was made all the more enjoyable by the beautiful hotel I stayed in, Hotel Panache was unlike anything I have been to before. Located in rue Geoffroy Marie, it’s smack bang in the heart of the French capital. The minute I got there I was like, ‘yep, this is so going straight on the blog’.. after a few cheeky Instagram snaps of course. As you can see from above, the décor of the room was super fun and arty, and that bed, oh i’m still dreaming about that bed! Everything was photo-worthy, i adored all the little details such as the phone and the cool lights. The windows opened out onto a busy crossroads, where I took a moment to just stop and watch the world go by (and the array of bicycles) it may sound strange but I felt so comfortable in Paris, almost like a second home.

In addition to the hotel being an absolute dream to look at, I have to also say that the staff were super friendly. In fact, everybody that I met either at the hotel, restaurants and at the studio were extremely welcoming and chatty, and possibly a little flirtacious too.. oh come on, i can enjoy all aspects of the French scenery right?

I made time for a spot of lunch before heading to the studio and indulged in a rather refreshing aubergine salad, which went down a treat as the weather was wonderfully warm, the sun certainly came out to play. With the hotel being situated on a lovely long stretch street there was plenty to choose from restaurant wise, as well as much needed coffee stops along the way.

So, we’ve covered the hotel, people and work, now for the best bit, can you guess? The shopping! Obviously I couldn’t go to Paris without a trip to the local pharmacy for some beauty purchases, oh and of course some sweet treats.. don’t panic, I got macarons! If you would like to see what I picked up then head on over to my YouTube channel as I’ve uploaded a vlog/haul combined into one.

I would definitely love to go back to Paris, sadly I was only there for one night so i wasn’t able to cram much into that time and so I left with a visit to The Eiffell Tower still on the bucket list, although what a great excuse to go back!

How lovely of you to drop by!

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