The Favourites Edition: Non Beauty


I thought that I would mix things up a little with my favourites this month, I’ve covered a lot of beauty content recently so I’m going to do a run down of some good ol’ non beauty favourites but there is a running theme.. they happen to all be apps! I would normally leave this kind of post towards the end of the month to give myself enough time to go through what I’ve been using and enjoying but there are some clear front runners, and yes one of them does involve the legendary cute puppy filter!

So, I will start with the app that I have been most obsessed with lately and that’s Snapchat. Any excuse for a selfie! Seriously, I just can’t get enough!.Whether it’s uploading or viewing I find myself opening this up all the time, evidently this is the reason why my battery is always so damn low. Firstly, its hilarious, lets face it some of those filters are just top notch and some, just plain weird. On another note I’m an avid vlog watcher on YouTube so I think this is the reason I like Snapchat so much, it’s a great way to have a little peak into other peoples day to day life. I’ve been messing around with a few short videos of my own as a part of me wants to work towards my own YouTube channel but I’m not sure I’ve quite got the confidence just yet, what do you think? You can find me under username; xx_emmagrace if in the mean time if you feel like having a snoop and checking out my snaps.

Something else I have been doing on a daily basis is listening to podcasts, now I tend to pop one on for the commute to work as it’s a long drive and a podcast is a perfect way to create some ‘company’ along the way. I have been a huge fan of a podcast called ‘Answer Me This’ for as long as I could remember, it’s essentially a comedy phone in and viewers call up or email in their questions and then the presenters Helen and Olly have a big discussion about it. It verges on crude but it’s really funny, expect a fair amount of swearing, off the wall topics and drunk callers which always makes for a pretty amusing episode! I’m pretty sure I get some odd looks from neighbouring cars when I’m driving along the motorway laughing away to myself.. ha!

I couldn’t do this post without including an app that’s new to me. If you haven’t already noticed I have recently treated my blog to a little spruce up and along with that I signed myself up to Bloglovin’ which is a super easy, organised platform to explore new blogs and catch up on the ones you’re already following. I don’t know why I haven’t signed up to this sooner!

Have you got any interesting app suggestions?

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