The Beauty Edition: Joan Collins Class Act Lash Treatment


Right, hands up then, who absolutely sucks at applying false lashes? Me! Why can’t we all just be blessed with naturally long, luscious lashes. Sigh! Now, I can’t wave a magic wand for that but I can introduce you all to something that may possibly help..

Working within the beauty industry opens my eyes up to a variety of brands, now and then something gets plonked on my desk that genuinely intruiges me. I’m certain that the majority of my followers would turn their head at Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, right? What if I told you that I may have an affordable dupe for the revolutionary Revitalash.. oh I thought that would catch your attention.

So, if you’ve heard of Revitalash then you’ve already got a good idea of what the Joan Collins Lash Growth Treatment is designed to do, but lets face it the clue is in the title. This clear gel treatment aims to promote the growth of your lashes and after just thirty days you should be treated to beautiful fluttery lashes. This can be used as a treatment so applied on it’s own, ideally at night or worn under your usual mascara. So, does it actually work? Well, I haven’t tried it for the full 30 days and i’m hoping to check back in after that point but I have applied this four nights in a row and I have noticed a difference. It’s not an obvious change, but when I apply my usual mascara I feel that my lashes curl right up to their maximum capacity, they just seem to have an extra oomph about them!

Time to talk price. Although, only three words needed.. twenty bloody quid! This is an absolute fraction of the price compared to Revitalash. If this works in the way I think it will then save your pennies I say! I have to say, the price surprises me considering the quality of the packaging, this sleek and elegant design looks a real dream on the vanity table. Totally blog worthy and most importantly totally Instagrammable – yep I said it.

Back to the facts and something to note, if you’re a beauty buyer who solely relies on reviews then you’ll be wanting to buy double of these (which you can do at Marks & Spencer). I haven’t yet seen a bad word about this product, not to mention the clever comments regarding applying this treatment to eyebrows, what a genius idea!? No more bad brow behaviour!

Give me thirty days and I will check back with a results review and hopefully a set of fluttery falsies.

How lovely of you to drop by!

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