The Lifestyle Edition: Blog Make-Over!

Let me officially reintroduce you to Edition Emmagrace! You may have noticed that my blog has had a little revamp.. okay okay a much needed overhaul.

I have recently felt a little disconnected with the blogging world and I would say that this has been down to a mix of things, mainly hatin’ on my blog as a whole, also feeling generally uninspired and honestly a little bit pissed off with some surrounding negativity regarding bloggers in general. I’m not going to even bother indulging into that subject as the best thing to do is to brush it off, I’m a sensitive soul deep down but I’m learning to block out any negativity that comes my way.  

Comparison is the absolute worst reason for hitting a blogging funk and with so many incredible blogs out there it’s very easy to fall into the trap of ‘why bother’. This is the wrong attitude to have and as much as I know this, I’m still guilty for it. Again, something else I could do with some work on! There will always be those little woes that come with blogging and hey, I’m human so it’s normal but appreciation is key, everyone is on the same path however big or small and progression comes at different speeds. I recently indulged in an entire post about marking the ‘one year’ moment of blogging and with that in mind came a whole new look.

Being unhappy with how my blog looks really hasn’t helped me move forward with any new content in the past couple of weeks and because of that, as a result, I have sadly gone into anxiety mode about my posts. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to critisim! I wanted to shake off this state of mind so I treated my blog to some love. New blog, new attitude and new content.. I’ve got my ass in gear!

What do you think?

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