The Favourites Edition: April 16 

This favourites post is already making me chuckle a little, considering the above ‘Rise & Shine’ slogan you’d think I would be on the go this weekend.. not a chance. Bank Holidays always call for a little extra snoozin’.   

Although I have been taking it easy this weekend, my working week is usually all systems go starting with my morning commute to London. With the drive being over an hour I need some sort of caffeine fix on hand. I picked up this absolutely adorable ceramic travel cup from B&M for some pocket change.. a whole £3! B&M is basically a sort of bargain/discount store selling all sorts from food, large furniture and pretty little homewares. I don’t really have time to relax and sip on much needed coffee before I leave for work, once I’m up I’d rather just get on the road. So, not only is the design so super cute, it’s the ultimate travelling companion!

Speaking of being on the go, something else I don’t have time for is breakfast. There’s definitely a running foodie theme here with my monthly favourites, right? I used to buy breakfast bars in the local supermarket, as they’re totally convenient to munch on whilst waiting in Monday morning motorway traffic but my god they are packed with heaps of sugar and I was finding myself crashing after a few hours. I’ve been getting on a Bank Holiday baking vibe and taking inspiration from Deliciously Ella’s second book. I have whipped up a batch of her banana breakfast bars, take it from me the recipe is oh so easy, cheap to make and more importantly so tasty! Ella’s second book has some really nutritious recipes and she makes being healthy on the go look so easy.

As much as I seem to be raving about all things health this month, the cheeky little devil sitting on my shoulder wouldn’t let me go through a Bank Holiday with a little tipple or two..


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