The Lifestyle Edition: Tips For Living Alone 


They say that time flies when you’re having fun and I’ve almost clocked up six months of living on my own, although it does only feels like yesterday I was lumbering boxes into my new little pad. I’m slowly learning that living alone can come with a few hitches, let’s just say that DIY is so not my thing! Then there’s the minor stuff like that pesky top button on the back of a blouse that you just can’t reach.. awkward! On a more positive note, I’m fully enjoying Netflix binges in ‘comfies’ whilst consuming left overs without running the risk of outside judgement.

To be honest, I’m pretty proud of my survival so far, so much so that I thought I would share some tips that I have picked up along the way! 

01. Make friends with your neighbours. I moved in about three days before Christmas (yup, I’m crazy!) and I introduced myself by taking Christmas cards over to my neighbours. It’s probably the best thing that I did. Within the first month of the move I experienced a flat tyre and they were lovely enough to change it for me, lets just say that they have helped me out with a few bumps in to road.. excuse the pun. Oh, and they even take my bins out for me – ultimate result! 

02. Freeze everything. When cooking for one you run the risk of some serious wastage. I tend to cook in bulk and freeze the rest for lunch portions or a late night quickie.. keep with me guys, we’re still on the subject of food here. I freeze all sorts, slices of cucumber for my hump day gin & tonics, the majority of my fruit; I actually buy frozen blueberries and just portion them for snacking. My freezer is fast becoming my best friend. 

03. Home grocery deliveries ultimately save you money – fact. When I go food shopping in the store I switch into auto ‘I NEED everything in my trolly’ mode, I just cant help myself and a light essentials shop can quickly spiral out of control. Asda has a minimum spend of £25.00 for home delivery which is probably an accurate price of a weekly shop for one, Tesco have a £40.00 minimum and I would normally choose them when doing a more of a bulk shop for things like washing up tabs etc (bloody hell I sound old, don’t i?).

04. On the subject of saving money, if you’re renting make sure you apply for single occupancy when paying council tax, you’ll save 25%.

Living alone no doubt comes with obvious perks, at the same time I think that it could be very easy to become complacent, so just a few tips & tricks keeps everything in check. Lets just say that I’ve not quite got Domino’s on speed dial.. yet!

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