The Favourites Edition: March 16 

The clocks are done and I’ve consumed way too much chocolate for my own good, it’s official – Spring is on its way! I’m starting my London commute on Friday so I’m welcoming brighter nights with open arms.

My working days are certainly going to be longer than I’m used to, plus moving over to the beauty industry means extra time on the ol’ face in the morning so I’m reaching for an old favourite. There are lots of setting sprays on the market at the moment and I worry that the wrong investment could leave a hole in the bank balance, what’s the fun in splurging 20 quid on ‘water’.. ouch. I have made my way through a couple of bottles of the Avon make-up setting spray and it definitely does the trick. Infused with vitamin A, C and E this refreshing spritz sets super fast and prolongs a full face of war paint. The best part about this purchase – you’ll only have to part with a mere £6. 

After an hour and a half of driving home I’m pretty sure that I won’t be needing this next favourite for much longer but stuck with a stinking cold for a couple of days in March the sleep plus spray from This Works became my best mate (I knew you were wondering what that other bottle was, I went a bit heavy on the brightness oops). There are some seriously good stats on the product, one of them being 100% of 100 testers felt less restless during the night, this appealed to me as I often incur a fight with the pillows struggling to drift off to sleep. This sample from my monthly Birchbox has been a real dream and I’ve really enjoyed the lingering scents of lavender on my bedsheets.

Since looking after my hair a little better it has grown so much, not quite Rapunzel just yet but my tresses are certainly past that awkward shoulder length so this calls for messy buns. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to throw my hair up into a quick pony tail so I’m embracing pretty earrings. I’ve got two sets of piercings so I’d really love to get my hands on some dinky hoops and funky accessories, perhaps even some ear cuffs, can anyone make any recommendations?

I’m going to be a busy little bee throughout April especially with settling into a new routine, I can’t wait to fill you in on all the different adventures I’ll be facing with my new job so stay tuned! 

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